SOAK ‚Before we forget how to dream‘ – yay for debuts

Bridie Monds-Watson does not only have the name to become a musician by day, crime fighter by night but also is one of the chosen musicians who release a debut that should sound ambitious-but-trying but instead gives off the vibe that she’s doing this since decades now and is already fully settled in her abilities and style.

I am usually a sucker for very strong, dark female vocals but Bridie’s voice has a softness and a hint of youthfulness (partly because she is youthful partly because she just has a very lovely voice) that is quite mesmerizing. Add to that some folk-notes of her Irish heritage (there’s a violin and also a 60’s vibe in the kind of melodies she plays with) and I am sold.

There’s this song by Royksop featuring Karin Dreijer Andersson from The Knife „What else is there“ which sounds like the evil sister of some of SOAK’s music because there’s a depth in most of her compositions, luscious space and a calm that is unusual for this kind of music. Given that there are songs that are great but what you would expect from a debut, the other songs, those wild beasts roaming near the seaside, truly stand out and make this album a great listen and this artist one to watch.


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