Echo Movis ‘Beautiful Glitch’ – no word about Ralph

Oh, deceitful pop, those sweet sweet melodies and lovely vocals, those relaxed vocals like summer-warm waves lapping up at the beach. Echo Movis will cradle you and then suddenly edge out into experimental dissonance or slowly descend into a truly psychedelic route. The true wonder of these day’s music is the fact that a genre is not a room you get settled in but rather a loose, wobbly frame that you can use to tame the beast of your own creativity. Echo Movis do just that with their album „Beautiful Glitch“ (I am thinking of this animated movie about a glitch, “Wreck-It Ralph” right here). You will dreamily slip into a zen-like state and suddenly get roused up with a sweet-sour shock like „Rodriguez Bike“, only to fall back to that warm beach with the following title song of the album.


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