The Womb sounds chill like any womb should feel

Psychedelic music is essentially a nice day in the sun, spent idling around, sitting under a tree and letting the thoughts drift (no need to enhance them with additional…erm…remedies). However, you don’t have to just idly stroll along if you’re a psychedelic band as White Denim continuously and gorgeously demonstrate every damn album.

The Womb are likewise the kind of band whose album (dto.) starts smooth and chill but eventually lifts up into „Batstone“ and feels like that shadow over your face, of someone standing right in front of you, asking you to take a walk or dance or maybe have a grillwurst with. „The Womb“ is not as eclectic and energetic as White Denim at their best but it plays likewise with the expectations that psychedelic music creates – you expect a slow boat ride and then – if you’re lucky – get some (safe) rapids along the way to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline going. Oh, and don’t worry, instead of the crazy waterfall or some murderous forrest-people (tuck away that banjo!) you’ll get a beautifully open lake to keep that smooth sailing.


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