Algiers – This is as hot and dark as it gets

The deep American South is a perfect breeding ground for everything highly spiritual, slightly sinister and possibly indulgent. The Algiers celebrate this in their music, a rich mixture of R’n’R and roots in Gospel (the deep south kind that always sounds as if the wrath of god will come down on you hard). It’s probably due to the fact that the debut only came out this year that the Algiers weren’t played up and down the „True Blood“-universe because there’s hardly anything else that is as heart-pumping excited and religiously-manic than this band.

And as this song (“Blood”) shows, this kind of music works so well because it carries with it the whole history of its genre influences. It therefore packs a lot more than your usual rock-outfit because you hear the rhythm of the slave’s chains and the music that was born out of this despair and cruelty.


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