Lianne La Havas – let’s just call it an RnB-revival

I am not super duper into RnB but that’s probably because few artists are as fresh, amazeballs and exciting as Lianne La Havas. Sure, Beyoncè’s voice kicks ass but truth to be told, her albums tend to have quite a few fillers and album-coherency is BIG for me.

Lianne did everything right with her beautiful „Blood“. There’s lyrics with a punch, a little playfulness with genres and some knockout songs. It might not be as giddy as Janelle Monae’s stuff but seems more like the older, more serious sister who is over the experimental phase. And yes, I do know that Janelle is older and not trying out but ruling the world of pop but come on, this is about describing music, stick with me.

Where was I? Oh yes, „Midnight“ is a miracle and pretty much every song on this album stands strong and proud on its own without losing the context of the album. That’s how it’s done, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Co, please take note (not you Janelle, you do you because you rock the world).


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