Hinds – Spanish surfpunk is the best

My long time teenage- and way too long into my twenties-crush Elijah Wood recently took a picture with Hinds. Did I stalk his activities and discover them through him? No, the days when I read Fitzgerald because a young Elijah once said that he loved „The Great Gatsby“ are over. I only very recently stumbled over the glory of Hinds because of this new „Suck it, Apple Streaming“-feature by Spotify which assembles a playlist of known and unknown artists Spotify thinks I like and boy, do I like Hinds! And Elijah likes them too! So, now it’s up to you, to like them, so everyone who is cool does.

The four musicians (or lets say, super awesome super gals) are form Madrid, Spain, and we all love it when a band for once isn’t from the US, Canada, GB or Sweden. So yay! Hinds had to change their previous name „Deers“ because there was another band that threatened to sue. Not cool, still-Deers!

Hides make this incredibly charming yet dangerous garage-surf-punk mixture with a relaxed attitude that reminds of some of the early 70s punk scene but also like what 50s prom queens probably sounded like when they were, like, really bored out of their beehives.

It’s the kind of music that easily works for an album, a live experience and pretty much everything because it is so much fun and still smart and cheeky and besides, those surf-tunes seem to work so incredibly well with chilled out garage sounds that you want to ride a wave even though you totally can’t.


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