Absence and the life of a blogger

Hello, dear readers, did you miss me? Did you even notice that I was gone? Oh, private (yeah, I know that’s an oxymoron) blogging nowadays is a curse and a blessing. On the one hand, you basically do it for yourself and can do or not do whatever you like, on the other hand there is always the nagging sense that if you only do enough, write enough and stay on top enough, you finally get those 10K-readers and media-attention and then maybe even someone famous like Taylor Swift mentions you and life will be perfect (I mean, I would totally be fine with someone like Lil Bub because we all know that she’s way more influential than Taylor will ever be).

But the reality is that reality is work. Work is work and I do it and I do it quite good which means that I don’t have that much time.

Moving from pretty much inside the city to not so much inside the city is also work and it is stressful as heck (why are there so many cartons still, when it feels like there’s already so much stuff unpacked?). It’s also time because now it takes a thousand years to reach home. On the plus side, I read more.

Being in a relationship is work…well, sometimes. But it also takes up a lot of time and is so nice to have that I don’t really want to go back to them single days when I was writing blogs on a Friday night till 2am.

And generally being in a state of flux since a few months is work because I am neither spontaneous nor adventurous and I like things when they all come together but hate the part of coming together because you never know. YOU NEVER KNOW what is going to happen.

OMG, is this a breakup-post?

No, don’t worry. I just want to explain what happened because it’s rude to kinda stall a relationship and then get back to it as if nothing happened. Something did happen, alright and I have a little less time for this blog but I am not gone or at least I don’t plan to be gone. Actually, I plan to reshape the blog a little, maybe write a little less pieces but make them a little longer and more analytical. But then again, I might just as well be lying and start writing about Pusheen on a daily basis. Who knows. YOU NEVER KNOW!


6 thoughts on “Absence and the life of a blogger

  1. Hello!

    Your blog is very enjoyable, and I don’t think it’s rude to disappear for a bit when things get busy and come back when you have the time. Though I know what you mean. I have to apologise to my journal if I miss a day, and it better be a good excuse. Even though nobody is going to read it and the journal isn’t sentient.

    The first blog post of yours that I read was one about The Decemberists, and I think I commented on it. Then I started following the blog, and because of your blog post about Dutch Uncles, they’re now a favourite band and I’m going to see them in December. O Shudder is definitely one of the best things that happened to me this year. I literally could not stop listening to Given Thing for a couple of months, it was so good.

    Thanks for introducing me to some cool music; I now use your blog to find new things to listen to. I wish I could write about music, and really enjoy good music blogs!



    1. Thanks so much, Adelle, that’s all I can ask for when I put my little ditties out. I guess we all feel like we have to do sth. with our life and feel bad when we just don’t for a while (productivity can be the bane of our society). And maybe it’s good that you don’t write about music, that way you can write about the beautiful things you write about.


  2. Glad to hear things are going well for you. Work, relationships…that’s the sort of stuff you slow down the writing for. Look forward to these analytical writings you speak of.


  3. Hey, don’t worry. You don’t have the time to write so many blog entries and honestly I/we don’t have to read all of these. But form time to time those texts make may day. So, keep it cool and keep going!


    1. Aw man, that was switch & bait at its best, for a second I thought this would end in “we don’t have time to read all of these because they suck meatballs”. But then: Happy End. Thanks, it’s good to know people keep coming back to this blog.


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