Return of the Last Shadow Puppets – well, I never!

I seriously never ever believed that the Last Shadow Puppets would be more than a one-off-album. Just like The Deadly Bones or „Over the Garden Wall“, it was a short and perfect piece of pop culture. But Jesus fucking Christ, they are BACK!

Their new single (they is Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys and Miles Kane from the Rascals) is what a new single after 8 (!!!) fucking years should be like: loud, strappy, short and still close to their original sound yet slightly different so fans get all giddy about what the new album should and could sound like.

The walls of violins still stands tall in their new work but I expect some more spunk which is being hinted at with the frantic style of the violins and the overt aggression of the vocals. Oh, and of course Turner brought some QOTSA magic with him (Josh Homme produced the last couple of Arctic Monkey-albums and his trademark high pitched background choir makes an appearance although I don’t know whether it’s him or just sounds like him).

Sorry folks, no embedded video because apparently VEVO is super unsafe and therefore WordPress is like ‘dude, get out’.

Also: I feel like I just received a mail from the boy I had my first crush on in elementary school. As for the video…well, whatever. Trippy party videos are so 2013…


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