Iggy Pop & Josh Homme „Gardenia“ – it’s pretty pretty

I am not the most avid follower of Josh Homme’s projects but I never let him out of my sight and you gotta give it to him: this guy knows how to pick em!

If I think of all the collaboration attempts between big names that went wrong, oh so wrong (Metallica ft. Lou Reed, Sparks ft. Franz Ferdinand, Jimmy Page ft. P. Diddy, remember that? What a trainwreck) I am astounded how well Homme’s projects end up being.

„Gardenia“ is such a gorgeous song. It has Pop’s laisez faire attitude we know from interviews which is probably a side-effect of being a ball of energy at live shows and it combines it with Homme’s talent for sounding sexy even when singing weird stuff (in this case, it’s not that weird, though). At times, it has a little Bowie vibe to it but that could also be because it also sounds a little bit like Masters of Reality who are tight with Homme. I love this celebratory atmosphere due to the guitar-wall and in contrast to that Pop’s off-putting vocals (I say off-putting but they sell this song). 

The song also has a certain holiday feel to it (thanks to the guitar) and you can just imagine Pop singing this in a white nightgown whilst smiling suggestively at your girl- or boyfriend. What a gem. I am excited for the album („Post Pop Depression“), even though I am usually not a big Iggy Pop listener.

You know, I thought of posting the recorded version because it’s a little sleeker but Iggy totally sells it here and a little dirt and grit never hurt a punk song – even if it’s such a pretty punk song.

Also, before someone thinks it’s a Kyuss-cover, it’s not but here’s the Kyuss song of the same name.


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