Fruit Juice – are you okay?

Remember when Sparks did an album with Franz Ferdinand and some people were super excited and loved it and others were kind of disappointed because Franz Ferdinand are kinda boring and the output was as well and even others were like ‚who is Sparks?‘

Well, the result didn’t have a great impact. I am bold enough to say that this album won’t be part of that many best-of-lists.

However – yes yes, there will be a point – if it had sounded like Fruit Juice’s EP „Are you okay“, I think we all would have been delighted. Because Fruit Juice bring the slightly sexy, slightly dangerous eccentricity of Sparks into the realms of lovely cheesy Glamrock, all with flutes and David Bowie & T-Rex—references and generally a mood as if you’re watching a mashup of The Addam’s family and the Brady Bunch.


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