Buke and Gase: the alt-indie band you deserve

I should be worried that the last album (“General Dome”) by the Brooklyn duo Buke & Gase was released in 2013. Three years is way too long for any band. You’re not Gwen Stefani who can just release a new album after 10 years of absence and make us all feel super old because I know that I was clearly already an adult when “Hollaback Girl” was on the radio.

Musically, though, Buke & Gase (or Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez – who is Buke, who is Gase?), have nothing to do with Gwen. Their music is the sort of slightly off-kilter experimental alt-leaning indie music that has enough pop-vibes to be thoroughly enjoyable in a way that makes you actually happy and giddy but not enough to want to put on make-up and holla back, girl. “Houdini Crush” is the kind of song that is so f***ing surprising, lovely and charmingly meandering in an exciting way that I can not believe that I haven’t heard of the duo before. This is a band that sounds like they listen to a lot of alt rock from the 90s but wanted to be a little bit more weird about music. It works out, it is fantastic.

Their homepage is way too sparse to see whether it is still updated regularly and their last tweet is from December 2015. What the heck, dude/ettes? This is not cool.

Oh, and of course, there’s also live videos of them but I just love “Houdini” so much. One could say that I have a Houdini Crush Crush. By the way, the band is known for using weird self-made instruments…like their feet!


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