Bleached ‘Ride your Heart’ is 80s garage punk as God intended it to be

Did I tell you that I love the 80s? I probably did, I tend to do that. It’s one of the first things I say always, everyday shortly before I start my rendition of „Total Eclipse of the Heart“ (Full Disclosure: it’s god-awful).

Now, Bleached’s „Welcome to the Worms“ – a sophomore of which I don’t know the debut – is the kind of fun garage-punk fun-ride through malls, ponytails on all sides of your head and insanely melody-driven songs that feel like neon-pink probably feels like. According to NPR, the band members have been through some shit (eviction-shit, that’s a lot worse than my usual „Oh God, my boyfriend’s friends might not like me“-shit) and decided to catharsis the living daylight out of their music by being violently, aggressively up-beat about it. For someone who loves sad and depressive music but never actually feels better after hearing it, this kind of music is perfect because it tackles crappy situations with a stubborn sense of pragmatic optimism (can this be a thing?) that I like to develop in my 30s (I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, I make decennial-resolutions).

This was a lot more self-centered than I planned, so here’s a thing that’s solely about Bleached: Female punk-trios with bad-ass bass-lines are something that never ever will go out of style.


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