Pop goes: Sia ‘Cheap Thrills’

You guys know that I watch “American Idol”, right? Well, the current farewell season is the usual mix of bland dudes with guitars and some female but way too young belters. However, this season also has Trent (a dude that got Mono during group week – you can’t and won’t make that up) and the amazing La Porsha Renea who might not win this (but should) but most definitely is THE breakthrough star of this thing.

Anyway, American Idol recently had a Sia-theme with Sia herself throwing at least a hundred weeks at the contestants and also giving some of the usual advice (just be you, feel the lyrics, bla bla bla). Sia also offered a performance herself with the amazing Maddie Ziegler (star of “Chandelier” and some other Sia-music videos).

Now, Sia is not news to me. I mean, yeah, I sometimes leave out certain trends and then discover them years later but Sia is a pretty compelling constant in the world of indie and pop which makes it impossible to miss her.

I kinda like Sia’s current shtick with the wigs and the non-face. I’ve read comments that people sneer how of course we know her face from a few years ago and that now and then she even dares to show it in live shows but in combination with her live performances on TV, it makes a lot more sense than the usual “I want to keep my privacy” that she offers to anyone who asks (and basically everyone does).

Sia manages to be THE only popstar right now who is all voice and show without being the center of it. Her TV performances usually put her somewhere in the back, the voice dominating all of it and some more (Maddie) some less amazing performers (like the pantomime dude at SNL – pantomime will never not be bad and cheesy) being put in the center of your vision. Whether intended or not, the result is a weird spectacle because it shows that you don’t necessarily need the Persona front and center. Don’t get me wrong. That wiggy Sia is one hell of a persona but it still plays with the element of anonymity which is usually an alternative/indie thing (think the Residents or the Puppetmastaz) unless Damon Albarn goes Cartoon.

Now, her newest single is the bomb. It’s not as lyrically heavy as “Chandelier” for example, it also features the amazeballs Maddie in the video and there’s a Sean Paul-version going around that I won’t listen to because I was a teenager in the early 2000s and the nondescript Reggae-mush of Sean Paul was a never-ending nightmare during that time. I will not let him ruin the 2010s.

But back to the song. “Cheap Thrills” is about having a party without necessarily handing out too much cash (maybe on booze)? It rings very true to my party-past because I used to go dancing mostly sober because I couldn’t move freely with a glass or a bottle in my hands (I dance like nobody watches, to be honest). And it is perfect for dancing – it is not boring, it is upbeat, it lets you shake it if you want it and it has some amazing beat to go all “I wish I would have gone to dance school” on the dance floor. I love it.


3 thoughts on “Pop goes: Sia ‘Cheap Thrills’

  1. I would have rated the three dancers roughly equal on the standard of amazeballsyness. Do you actually notice a difference, or does Maddie earn an amazeballs bonus for other reasons than her actual performance in this particular piece?


      1. Okay. Since I’m notoriously unable to evaluate dancing permances, I should probably not continue this debate. Thanks für explaining.


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