Black Mountain ‘IV’ is close to epic

I’ve read quite a few reviews on this album (one weirdly comparing the album title with Black Sabbath which should be reason to dismiss the whole review for such an obvious blatant mistake in the first sentence) and all of them remarked that it’s a shame that the music is so eclectic and not as deep, proggy and for stoners as, I guess, deep proggy stoners prefer them to be.

The thing is: I admit not to know all Black Mountain albums but I am quite sure that this artists’ collective was always eclectic in sound, genre and vocalists. Since I can remember I was fawning over the fact that you never know where a Black Mountain-album will lead you to. How is this core element of their music something that suddenly makes reviewers go „bah!“?

I guess, there’s a certain nostalgic aspect about „They used to be so much better before they experimented with their sound“ and one reviewer even criticized the unusually clean production which is maybe right for Black Mountain but is a given with most prog-bands. To be honest, I can’t find any flaw in songs like „Mothers of the Sun“ which is so incredibly satisfying as

– Canadian

– proggy

– experimental

– overly long

hymn. I don’t know why I am not outraged that these kinds of big bold monster-songs are so sparse but maybe because the ones that reach me are so fantastic.

And geez Louise, the video is every 70s psychedelic movies-fan’s dream.

(It’s also incredibly funny for me that it kinda starts like „Edge of Glory“ by Lady Gaga – probably not intended)


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