Lucius ‚Good Grief‘: Good Grief, it took me long to write this

I gotta admit it, the first time I listened to the sophomore album by Lucius, who I lauded as one of my favourite newcomers a few years ago with an album that I loved to bits, I was a little disappointed. Where „Wildewoman“ had hit singles smacked in the front, middle and end of the record, „Good Grief“ (for me) needed some listens to show its true beauty which is the use of the Lucius-vocal harmony-brilliance in combination with a deeper connection of the songs with the lyrics.

One of the early standouts („Gone Insane“) sounds as manic as the lyrics and the video are but quite a few other songs are not as bold and sound more mature. This is absolutely the right step for this band but of course they set the standard impossibly high with „Wildewoman“ which was so incredibly diverse in style and musical genres that the more structured „Good Grief“ pales in comparison (at first).

However, I am fully converted and can’t even believe how I could not find all the joy in the tender „My heart got caught on your sleeve“, the wonderfully classic „Madness“ and the first ingenious single „Born again Teen“. Yes, it grows on you and then it opens up the same incredible pop-genius that Lucius already have shown on „Wildewoman“. Especially the emotions with which they operate (which is hard to do with harmonies anyways but which seems nearly impossible with a song like „Gone Insane“ that is absolutely stunning and shattering in its intensity) is one of the strongest assets of Lucius and I can assure you, it blossoms fully on stage.

So, here it is, late to the game but nevertheless all in and in full mascott-dressage (I chose a squirrel with fake eyelashes, lipstick and a black & white mod-dress): my full approval of this album.

By the way, the video to „Gone Insane“ is absolutely amazeballs! For someone who grew up with a lot of the 80s movies that discovered claymation as a way to freak out young kids, I am all in with this concept. Besides, this was pretty hard work for the girls to who had to pose for an eternity to get this done. I call it the „Sledgehammer“ of the 21st century and I will stick to that description.


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