Favourite Song: Dani Siciliano ‚Why’ is an amazing build up

You know, sometimes I feel like I am not enough of a music enthusiast to win 20 Bucks at „Who wants to be a millionaire – the music edition“. I know nothing, Jon Snow, when it comes to all the connections and histories and especially the supposedly groundbreaking artists that have paved the way. Instead, I listen to Dani Siciliano and am floored how good her third (really?) album is, how fresh it sounds and how much it sounds like a debut because it is so crisp but still playful and then I look at Wikipedia and boy, gee, you know, I should have known that she already worked with Matthew Herbert for, like, the last 200 years?

But then I think this: there is a pro and con to everything. Sure, to follow artists through their highs and lows and live shows is immensely thankful. Seeing how the Decemberists can’t create something that has such a grip on me such as „The Hazards of Love“ but still put out albums that I totally obsess over every single time, is magical.

But it’s equally magical to listen to that one Against Me! album without any prior (musical) knowledge of the band and therefore being able to see this album as the big, bold and beautiful statement it is, without any prior punk-history lesson or some angry punkrocker-dude telling me how much better they were 10 years ago.

<iframe frameborder=”0″ width=”480″ height=”270″ src=”//www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x4gg603″ allowfullscreen>
Dani Siciliano – Why von LineSession

So, here I am. Listening to Dani Siciliano’s „Why“, a song that has a great build up whose only mission it is to build up (Dani recites number-combinations like there’s a countdown or we’re at least in that “Lost”-bunker, sweating away) and to play with expectations. Oh, and that piano, what a hint of musical openers, the excitement, the drama, the humor. Dani produced this album on her own. Apparently, Herbert did this with her previous albums. I don’t know how they sound but I know that her job is exemplary with this album, whether it’s for the swoony 90s slow-dance-songs that hint at Sade at times, at other’s at Suzanne Vega or the bold songs that sound as if My Brightest Diamond teamed up with Imogen Heap. Oh, and no song let’s you guess what comes next. You think, you’re bad at guessing who will win the Super Bowl/World Cup? Try guessing where each song on Sicilano’s album is going. It’s a delight to be out of the loop through her use of loops.


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