Kiran Leonard ‚Pink Lemonade‘ – Looks like there’s a new Connor Oberst in town

Look, I get it. Nothings sucks more than being compared to a gigantic hero of indie music and smiling through your teeth when people approach you about it. But here’s the thing: if people like your music, then this comparison doesn’t mean that you sound like that other person but rather evoke the same excitement.

This goes for Kiran Leonard who is 20, hella prolific as an artist (look at his bandcamp, it nearly looks like Guided by Voice’s discography) and has just released this artfully, wonderful, aggressive, tender, stylish and outright brilliant album „Grapefruit“. Yes, it sounds as sweet, fresh and bitter at the same time as the fruit tastes.

Kiran uses dirty garage rock, singer songwriter sentiments and even implements a whole orchestra (because orchestras always make everything better). His whole album has the faint smell of angsty 90s alt-indie and that is a delight. As much as I hate the comeback of plateau-shoes and unflattering proportions in clothing, I love the 90s that have really the current music scene.

Now, given the Connor Oberst-reference, there’s also one hell of a genre mix, so if you like your lovely songwriter-calm but also enjoy the occasional fit of rage, you’re in the right place.


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