Soap Box: Things that bugged me in June 2016

Yeah, the Soap Box is back! I gotta say, I kind of missed it, I recently stumbled over a few blackface-fails in German entertainment and was reminded of my old text on it and thought: hey, I am pretty angry at stuff now, why not do this again?

Oh, and don’t worry. I am still happy with a cat and a dude – all the more reasons to vent on this blog instead of at home (well, technically, I am venting at home when I write this but…pish posh, you know?).

So let’s start.

  1. Blackface in Germany – a never ending story

I can’t believe that it’s 2016 and there’s still idiotic people in Germany that do blackface. Admitted, it’s the kind of people who seem like they totally would do stupid stuff like that but it’s still weird that there’s no one around them who told them that it’s hella racist and hella dumb to do. We had a bad comedian who thought that it would be fun to do blackface to portray famous German football player Jerome Boateng in a „fun“ way (by now, it should be clear, that „fun“ means racist for way too many German entertainers). In a way he added insult to injury as Boateng had already had his fair share of open racism (the kind that is not even “fun”) when one of those empty-headed nazis from the right-wing party Afd, Alexander Gauland, said that he wouldn’t want him as a neighbour. Dude, Boateng makes more money with one game than you in a year and probably has his own island. You couldn’t be his neighbour if you wanted to.

Oh, but this isn’t even all of it. Only this week, one of our charming D-celebrities, Micaela Schäfer, made a nude-fashion-shot (I mean, is it a fashion shot without the clothes?) all in blackface. Like, she didn’t even just do blackface, she did blackeverything. Which was just as bad as it sounds, especially if I tell you right now that she did this with “tribal” jewelry and a freaking spear in her hand. If Ben Stiller’s blackface in “Tropic Thunder” pales in comparison than you’re really, no REALLY, doing it wrong.

  1. No means no – but not really, am I right?

In case you haven’t heard, Germany is currently discussing how to save its men and women from being raped. Despite the myth that we are all super liberal and progressive around here, our law still doesn’t accept a „no“ as an adequate warning against rapists. If you haven’t punched that motherfucker till he bled his own teeth, you have no chance in front of the law. That sucks, right? Well, the law is in the midst of being changed. But guess what…people are super worried that women will now flood the system with false rape accusations. It scares people so much that a pretty prominent female journalist wrote a whole article about it in one of the biggest newspapers out there (Die Zeit) – even in the print version which means that it’s legit!

It’s like, how can we make sure that we women will not suddenly willy nilly accuse everyone just to get dragged through the system, be treated like dirty whores, cursed at and be filmed by strangers during the court hearing (and they will not be fined) and even be witness as the perpetrators will be let off, so they can file a lawsuit against us for suggesting that they were rapists in the first place. I mean, model Gina-Lisa Lohfink went through this only recently and I guess it sounds so much fun that we all are really hellbent on experiencing the same.

  1. Orange is the new Black gut-punched me so bad

Possible spoilers ahead.

It’s just…man.

  1. Kill your idols

There’s a lot of people, mainly women, who I really respect and like a lot, whose work I love and who I push as much as is possible with a measly blog and about 160 followers on Twitter. However, I don’t have idols or icons or whatever. Even back when I studied philosophy, I didn’t get people who were totally behind one philosopher without one shred of disagreement. I mean, I didn’t read that much during that time but each and every philosopher I read at some point said or wrote something that I strongly disagreed with.

So, this week I had to strongly disagree with a feminist writer who I actually respect a lot and whose German column I love. But her recent text simply felt lazy, unstructured and riddled with logical fallacies (don’t say you won’t partake in a discussion and then partake in the discussion by saying that you don’t partake in the discussion – unless it’s Monty Python kind of absurd, that stuff is lame). I felt bad because I don’t have a single fan who is not a close friend or related to me, I don’t have many followers or readers and therefore I am one of those weird, annoying people from the sidelines, who suddenly clear their throat and interrupt the idol to tell them that their fly is wide open. No one likes those people and I was those people right then and there because even if I myself am guilty of it, I don’t like lazy texts. I still like Margarete Stockowski, though. I really do.

  1. I really think that football/soccer is boring

I hate it because I can’t even play video games because we only have one monitor at home and the only game on our laptop is a lame strategy game and those are boooooring. Fuck that. I am Moss from the “IT Crowd” at a football match and I am just as excited about it. I am even just as aggressive and angry at it because there’s one hour of football talk then 45 minutes of football, then there’s the news WITH FOOTBALL IN IT and then there’s another 45 minutes and then another hour with football talk. IT NEVER ENDS!

I just realized how much I love this scene.

That’s it for now. A girl has other things to do (yes, I watch GOT and I somehow had to slip that in here to let you know that I have, in fact, not lived in a cave in the last two years.


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