Soap Box: News, things and stuff that bugged me in July 2016

Urgh, July. I was at a family wedding (not my family) and other people’s families are so stressful when you can’t really get away. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely wedding and everyone was really nice but it also was so much that I thought that weddings are really overrated. So now I watch this show where four brides visit each other’s weddings and criticize them and I laugh with glee at how awful everything and everyone is.

US-elections: tl;dr

I can not fathom how America can stretch out something as simple as an election into a one year procedure where everything is said and done and shouted BEFORE the actual candidates are decided upon. I admit, the first months of every pre-round are kind of amusing as especially the Republicans slay it with the absurdity of their candidates. But with Trump and the media going hogwild around him, it has been amusing at first, then concerning and now it’s just so annoying because even though Trump always says something stupid/horrible, the media treat it as if it’s the first time he did something like that and everyone is supposed to be like “OMG, he did not say that!”. YES HE DID, just as he did the last 10 months or so, what the hell is wrong with you that you can’t remember that? Please, stop it, vote for Hilary, complain about her when all is said and done and let Trump slowly fade into obscurity.

Terrorism: let’s talk about it, even if we shouldn’t

As you might have heard, Germany had a few rough weeks, especially with the horrible mass murder in Munich. Before the police confirmed anything, the media were already doing two quite bad, no good things:

  1. They repeated the police who advised not to show any pictures of the police work, so the murderer wouldn’t know where they were and what their strategy was, only to show pictures of the police work right after that announcement. They did that repeatedly. They really did that. Like that kid you told not to eat the candy and whilst still looking straight into your eyes, it grabs the candy and jams it into his face.
  2. They talked about the possibility of a terrorist attack before anyone who actually knew the facts confirmed it (spoiler alert: it wasn’t a terrorist attack, it was a mass murder committed by an asshole who didn’t like immigrants), therefore fueling the rumors, the right-wing speculations and any possible fear viewers might have seeing an already scary and gruesome thing. I know, the media always do this, against all experts who continuously say that this kind of shit is the worst thing you can do. It’s frustrating.

American Idol: Sometimes, white men are just the worst, sometimes, though, they really aren’t

It’s nothing new for anyone who reads this blog regularly, I have an unhealthy (and as of now cold turkeyed) obsession with American Idol. This year, the last season ran its course with a solid winner and an amazing runner up. Now, the season is long finished but I recently watched a few of her performances again as I do regularly and I remembered this thing and it still angers me so much.

La’Porsha Renae is going to release her probably fantastic motown album in November. This woman did her dramatic reveal in the middle of the season when she talked about her past. La’Porsha Renae is a survivor of domestic abuse and therefore sang all those powerhouse songs that are about strength and love (for her daughter) and perseverance. When one week, the producers suggested a suck-up song of a wifey to her horrible horrible dude, she politely refused, saying that she couldn’t sing songs like that with heart because it’s not in her.

And I think that everyone who has a heart and a mind and a soul would agree with that and never mention that song again. Well, unless it’s Scott Borchetta who could force a song on the contestants in one of the later weeks and decided that yeah, maybe domestic abuse is bad and a survivor should have the chance to not sing a song that caters to a men after she decided that no man ever will make her beg ever again in her life, but hey, “Stay with me”by Lorraine Ellison is a nice song and welp, he was just curious how she would perform it, right. Borchetta, you dick. What a dick.

So, here’s another powersong for La’Porsha. Her album is supposed to drop in November and I am down for it. Down! I am so down like Harry Connick Jr. is down.

By the way, I gained a lot of respect for Keith Urban on the show. That dude cried like no one cried on this show after Kelly Clarkson’s guest performance and he was not ashamed to show his ugly crying face in front of the whole audience and all the tv-viewers at home. I mean, sure, we’re in 2016 and this should be a non-issue but how many famous musicians do you know that would ever cry like that on national tv without even thinking about turning away? You do you, Keith, you do you.


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