Soap Box: People, I am so done with politics

1. Bernie Sanders really lost me

I used to like the gruff, slightly comedic appearance of Sanders. But then he lost to Hillary and waited way too long to admit defeat and help her on her way. And then he didn’t really say anything when his Bernie Bros attacked Hillary much more than they attacked Trump. And then Hillary lost to Trump and Bernie was like: yeah, that’s because she just said that we should vote for her because she’s a woman (which she didn’t but who watches the debates anyway?) and because the working class voted for Trump but who is the working class anyway? By the way, the majority of the lower income families didn’t vote for Trumps and I guess that is the people Bernie wants to talk about but who looks at facts anyway?

And then Bernie went on this really weird rant about how it’s not enough to be a latino woman or a black CEO, that you need to fight the establishment and at that point he basically said: equality is not as important as a socialist society. And he rambled around and said (I am paraphrasing here but you can read the whole thing here): yes, we need equality, we need more women in the senate and African American CEOs, but we totally also and first and foremost need a strong working class. However, if you want to establish an idealistic socialist society, you better start it with everyone equal unless you want to freaking build all those inequalities right back in to the foundation. Otherwise, you’re back to the problem of white feminism which is based around getting all the equality for all the white, heterosexual able women without any thought of women of colour, homosexual women, trans women or disabled women.

What also makes me angry: that the whole leftist scene in America is so smug and no one admits that they’ve made mistakes, too but revel in the democrats woes like assholes. I don’t blame everything on them but take your f***ing share, this is on you as well!

2. FU protest voters

I am also so so very angry at people who could not only get over their own smugness and voted some comedy candidate or wrote in “Bernie” because HAHAHAHAHAHA! but also heaped more trash on Hillary than on Trump just because they were so in love with Bernie and so angry at that darn e-mail-stuff. I get it, he was all the change and dismissive hand waving and old man-noise-making you always wanted but he lost the vote and Hillary got it and instead of helping her to defeat Trump these people simply could not stop posting how evil, sociopathic and corrupt she was. I actually know of a person who did not want Trump to be president but still managed to talk more trash about Hillary than about him. That is so stupid that I can’t even, you guys and gals, I can’t even.

We are supposed to be in this together – just because you don’t like Hillary’s awesome pantsuits and don’t understand that stuff about her mails shouldn’t mean that you could sabotage her like that!

3. I know, celebrity deaths are sad and all…

But can we please stop saying that 2016 was horrible because a lot of old and ill famous people died? I know that the loss of a celebrity is always this weird shared experience of grief and I too did cry a little and sang a song when the German actor and musician Manfred Krug died. But it feels really bad when you think about the fact that at least one your friends has lost someone last year and here you are, tweeting “worst year ever” like a douche.

You know, I was moved by this, even if it was somewhat cheesy and manipulative. But I like Kate and I like this song and I love the pantsuits. 

4. Politics 101: It’s not as easy as you think it is

All in all, here’s my point of view: this world is not horrible because of one thing. Trump’s election is not singularly Hillary Clinton’s fault, the right-wing movement in Europe is not just happening because politicians and media didn’t take some weird middle class people seriously enough with their “fears”, Brexit didn’t just happen because the EU sucks and Syria is not only suffering because of ISIS. People are horrible and multifaceted. They are envious and greedy and angry all the time. If they are not, they are naive and tolerating of too many horrible things just to have a peaceful life. People are sad and don’t know what to do. People are selfish and they hate to change their worldviews even if they are so wrong that even Kanye West would be like “that’s a bit much, you better apologize”. The media are the worst. We need them, but they are the worst and they are so annoying that I wanted Trump to lose just so I did not have to read 500 articles about his every breath each day.

Even the stalker in this song would have had enough after the first 3 months.

Politics are hard, y’all. It’s not as easy. Bernie Sanders has great ideas but I am really not sure whether he would have had any idea how to realize them with a mostly republican congress. Seriously, people.

Things are fluid. They move on and on which means that one big thing doesn’t necessarily mean the big change we always wanted. Obama didn’t erase racism in America. If at all, he opened up this wound of angry white people and now they are oozing all over the place. This election of Trump is a horrible thing but it won’t be the end. But it might be the beginning of the end if we just take it as it is. I learned that I have to be smart about my vote when Germany votes next year and that I have to blame basically everyone whenever something happens because the one thing that the US election 2016 taught me: it was everyone’s fault and you can’t convince me otherwise.


4 thoughts on “Soap Box: People, I am so done with politics

  1. There’s so much strange stuff.
    I also remember these Clinton-Fan-posts. People who really wanted her to be president, which is understandable and basically the only acceptable position once Trump is the alternative, but who tried to make her into this bright and shining beacon of hope and change and all that is good in human beings, and while I applaud the attempt, I was always a little alienated and on the verge of asking if they can honestly make themselves believe this or if they’re consciously faking it for other people’s sakes.


      1. …which is, if course, a choice of words one might take exception to, because yes, both sides have made mistakes, but if one side is white supremacist and pro-mistreating-of-women, while the other is run-of-the-mill uninspired politician, one should be wary of any implication of equality between them.


      2. With all sides, I meant really all sides – the media, the left, the democrats, the republicans and whoever was left. I think on some earth in this multiverse, Hillary would have made a good president. Not the best and most perfect who ever lived but a good one. I actually never really saw that many Clinton fan posts. But I guess that’s how filter bubbles work these days. For me, it was Trump news all day every day.


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