Lazy Sunday: Under Construction

Hey y’all. I know that hardly anyone just stumbles on this blog accidentally, as most just want to read that thing about the boob-songs and the other two people read my blogs as they come. But just in case: I am working on a new category- and tag-system which means that right now, everything is chaotic and makes no sense. Have patience and be kind with me as I have nearly 1000 blog posts to get through. The results will be worth it, though: all the German junk I wrote a thousand years ago will get its own category and therefore will be out of the way for my English readers, random stuff gets sufficiently sorted and all your favourite specials (Soap Box! Lazy Sunday! Song Lists!) can be found in all their full glory under one category or tag.

And yes, I mainly do this for Google and not you but in the end it will help you more than it will help me with Google (as these things always do).


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Under Construction

    1. It’s a bit of both. It will probably be a lot more symbolical than anything else in the end but I also thought that it couldn’t help to organize and use tags that have somewhat of a SEO-edge instead of the weird stuff I found (“apeing” was a tag of mine – but why?). It’s a little experiment.

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