The Weather Station ‘dto.’ – Tamara Lindeman is amazing

Tamara Lindeman is one of those women who you read about and you wonder how they managed to smuggle from Themyscira into the real world to shame everyone else. Tamara is an actress, an amazing musician and she apparently also is good enough at snowboarding to have been a licensed snowboarding teacher AS A TEENAGER!

She also worked with Bruce Peninsula and that’s the point where I’m like: enough! She is too fantastic!

Her current album is from her band The Weather Station (dto.) and it is really really beautiful. It’s the kind of hearty folk music that has these nearly painful moments of tenderness but it’s not tender per se, rather strong and meaty. You hear the Canadian-ness in all its lovely glory because even though you can hear all those 70s singer/songwriting influences, its still a modern album and modern takes on old genres is Canada’s best specialty.

Tamara is the same age as me and so I am super into the lyrics which mainly deal with relationships but all amidst our time, our society, technologies, politics.

Oh, and those lyrics. On The Weather Station’s website you can get all the lyrics to the new album and they read like love letters and Tamara sings like the lyrics are a tightrope and she needs to keep going not to stumble and it’s one of the reasons why her music never meanders, is always energetic, powerful and moving.

All in all: I love it.


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