Favorite Song: Haerts – Your Love (no, I don’t mean ‘Hearts’, Google!)

I have this Spotify-Playlist that is called “Feels like a Hughes movie” where I collect all songs from the 80s and those that sound like the 80s and to be honest, I should just do it and rename my blog with that title because that’s basically the only musical style I’ve written about since months. Maybe that’s just the style of music I am stuck with, now that I am grey and old and world-weary (says the 33-year-old like she’s lived through wars).

Ok, so Haerts are an insanely entertaining indie pop duo, namely Nini Fabi and Benjamin Gebert from Germany who now live in New York because honestly, don’t ever move to Germany if you want to make music, unless you want to record one album but leave after that, seriously, this is a black hole of musical ambition.

Anyways, their song “Your Love” sounds like it should be played in one of those old-fashioned romantic movies with a manly man and a womanly woman (with super big hair and even bigger shoulder pads!) and they had a big fight but then he enters her workplace (a nondescript office) in his (nondescript) uniform and whisks her away. It’s glorious.

The video is nsfw if it’s not usual to see naked people on your screen at your workplace. 

I am somehow getting heavy Cock Robin-flashbacks with this song which is high praise, btw. It doesn’t even sound alike but I don’t know … something about it. I should have posted this video a long time ago because it’s such a perfect song.

I also recommend basically all other music by Haerts because it’s so full of emotion and pop cultural references and it’s so accomplished in using them (click here for their soundcloud account).

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