Pop goes: Miley Cyrus ft. Mark Ronson “Nothing breaks like a heart”

Sigh. Miley Cyrus is my problematic fave. I am truly aware of her appropriation (and then shitting on) black culture and especially the latter is a huge disappointment because there’s no reason for it. For once, I’d like to hear one of those pop starlets to just own up to it and say: yeah, I appropriated the hell out of a culture because I was ignorant. But I learned my lesson and I am sorry and I want to do better in the future.

But whenever Miley Cyrus does Country music with a cool pop spin, I am head over heels in love with her song (see also: “Younger Now” or her beautiful cover of “Look what they’ve done to my song“).

I still think that Miley Cyrus could be one of the greats, despite her rather so-so-album last year. She has the voice and the talent to really make songs her own and she is really good at intersecting traditional country with modern influences which suits her best whenever it’s a little melancholic or dark. “Nothing breaks like a heart” shows how mesmerizing the result can be (even though the video is just befuddling and very “We can’t stop”, I preferred the weird retro-look of “Younger now”, to be honest).

And there is a niche, because Country has been quite exciting in the last couple of years, with a lot of (especially female) singers who shake the genre up and make it theirs. Even though the drawling, finger-guns-country is still going strong, the experimental, alternative side of country has been wild (see here, here and here). Just imagine a whole album of gems like “Nothing breaks like a heart” and “Younger now”, it would be a bop for the lonely broken-hearted souls (and me, even though I am neither!). MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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