10 things to do in a library (when you’re in a horror movie)

Ah, the library, the place the horror genre cannot ignore, whether it’s in games, books or movies. Even in times of Wikipedia and search engines, libraries are still worth a visit due to their documentation of local lore, lack of subscription models (free newspapers for everyone!) and internet that can’t be traced back to you for when your parents forbid you to get into anything regarding that fungi entity that – checks notes – eats people? Oh my, better ask your librarian for help.

  1. Find a hidden tome in the one room that’s closed to the public. It’s bound in leather and you’re not quite sure from which animal. Is that an eye on the front? Anyways, let’s open it up and read weird latin summonings out loud at midnight.
  2. Hide from the school / town bullies.
  3. Find out about the horrifying past of the town / house you recently moved into (spoiler: someone was killed there, always).
  1. See the face of a person you know in an old newspaper article from … gasp … 200 years ago!!!!
  2. Meet an anonymous source who will hide behind the book shelves and only talk to you through a gap between the books. You will totally be able to see them and the librarian most definitely knows what’s up but they still will feel like they are super sneaky.
  3. Meet up with friends to come up with a plan to defeat that serial killer / monster that you encountered and that none of the adults believe in. Get shushed by the librarian at least once.
  4. Find that one librarian who’s been there for a thousand years and knows all the town’s history and who also, weirdly, knows just that one obscure book for your very unusual problem (“a fungi presence that eats people every 8 years in November? I think I read a footnote five years ago in this 20 year old book on local forrest lore, it should be around here somewhere.”).
  5. Hide from the serial killer / monster!
  6. Get the book for your school project which initially seems innocuous but which eventually will coincidentally have something to do with the unknown evil you’re facing (“wait guys, I think there was something about how to kill fungi in the book I got for my biology project called ‘are fungi really indestructible?'”)
  7. Start to work there, so YOU can become that awesome librarian who shushes groups of kids, helps with obscure knowledge and knows everything about everything.

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