She’s doing a Let’s Play? “The Last of Us Remastered”

So, since I watch a lot of Let’s Plays and kinda miss the radio days when I talked nonsense into the void, I decided to start my own channel. And what better way to start a Let’s Play channel than with the fun, light-hearted slapstick-romp that is “The Last of Us”.

Hula Noob Plays the Last of Us Remastered

(Look, I wanted to go with ‘Red Riding Noob’ but the name was already taken and I kinda got stuck on the whole Noob-pun-part and had no patience to do a whole round of brainstorming and now I already spent two hours stitching this logo, which means, I will go with it for now)

Now, the quality is mediocre (at most) but that’s mainly because video equipment is super expensive and I first want to find out whether I actually enjoy this and get something out of it (not money or views, I mean, personally), so you have to live with me sounding like I recorded this with a can on a string. Also, I am not a good player, so this will not be an elegant ballet of stealth or action sequences that look like they’re choreographed. All fighting will be frantic, chaotic and very much based on luck. However, if you like someone rambling along: I try to stay close to the game and the story in my commentary, I will also do some research for certain things within the game and I LOVE to analyse meaning and can get out a lot of themes, images, metaphors, etc. (if you read this blog often, you know).

So, if that’s your cup of tea and my voice doesn’t make your ears bleed, enjoy.

FYI: To not spam the Facebook-group and anyone who otherwise gets notifications of new posts, I will write one post for each game and then add the video links into that post whenever a new video is up. If you actually (but why?) want to get notifications for new videos, you can just follow me on YouTube but don’t feel pressured to do so. So, this post will be THE post for “The Last of Us Remastered”-Let’s Play. This way, it will also not be too embarrassing if I abandon this hobby just like the other 6000 I started in the last couple of years.

Episode 1: Joel’s Origin Story

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Let’s Play Playthrough #1 – Troy Baker, Nolan North & Hana Hayes

Background info on the shooting, switching guest stars (some affiliated with the game, some just other video game people). It’s of course not as entertaining as my Playthrough but still quite informative 🙂

Behind the Scenes: Early scenes with Sarah

Interviews and Behind the Scenes-clips from THAT scene.

Episode 2: The Ellie Sitter Club

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Ashley Johnson being amazing in ‘Roseanne’. 

Episode 3: City Clickers

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Mean guy Joel tries to deal with the loss of a dear friend whilst Ellie has to come to terms with the fact that she is now stuck not with one but with two humourless old grumps. Will they bond over oodles of infected? Find out in our recent episode of TLOU.

Video on the Sound and Music of TLOU

(there’s also some scenes that are not in the game in there, maybe early scenes or portfolio bits for awards?)

Episode 4: Fast Times at Bloater High

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Will Bill get over his ex-boyfriend? Does Joel have chances to beat that mean bully that’s waiting for him in the gym? And will Ellie win the yearbook title of ‘most likely to safe humanity’? Find out in a new episode of The Last of Us.

That Westworld-Scene I am talking about in the video.

Episode 5: Take me down to the murderous city

Joel and Ellie awaits a weekend trip that doesn’t go exactly as planned: the other guests are kinda murderous, the room service is abysmal and to top it all off, the elevator is broken. 2 out of 10 stars. Would not recommend.

Episode 6: Worst Car Decoration Ever!

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

tfw you’re in a city full of murderous hunters who have one (1) functioning car but that car is the worst car and also kills people – with Joel and Ellie!

Channel Zero: Dream Door-Trailer (with Brandon Scott) 

Episode 7: No one floats in these sewers!

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Follow Joel, Ellie, Henry and Sam through the sewers with no killer clowns but all the killer infected! Find out, how peaceful communities fare in a post-apocalyptic world and enjoy yet another episode of the Marvelous Miss Ellie and her formidable stand-up.

Misty Lee, the voice behind the clickers, demo-reel. 

Also, Misty Lee as a magician on a Penn & Teller-show, because why not.

And that NPR article about the ice cream song with the unfortunate history.

Episode 8: Tommy! Not the musical but the brother

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Joel and Ellie get a small-ish family reunion with Joel’s brother Tommy and everyone tries to pretend that their relationship wasn’t and isn’t super toxic and that Tommy isn’t the better Joel – Hilarity ensues.

Episode 9: You’re trying too hard, David

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Trying to keep Joel alive, Ellie has to put up with David who gives out major creep vibes and also spends like 5 minutes wrangling with one infected while Ellie has to shoot all the others – lame.

A nice clip on the casting, including Nolan North as David.

Info on the Last of Us TV show.

(I was talking about Nikolaj Coster-Waldau who would be an absolute amazing choice – not so fond of Hugh Jackman (that’s just boring after he did Wolverine which is kinda similar) or Gerald Butler (? wtf, like – no)

Trailer for The Dark Crystal-show (just in case, you were interested). 

Episode 10: Wishin’ and hopin’ and shootin’

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

If you are interested in the Donner party, here’s a link to “Desperate Passage”

My favorite Lets Players, in case you’re interested:

Gab Smolders

Mr. Kravin

John Wolfe

A Girl and a Game 

Quite a few NPR articles on Gustavo Santaollala

DLC Left Behind: Full Playthrough

The liner notes and links of stuff I mention in this episode:

Left on her own devices with a heavily injured Joel (cared for by Callus), Ellie ends up in a mall that is neither fun nor stocked with necessary medical items. On her way to find something to stitch Joel up, she remembers her last visit to a Mall with her friend (and more) Riley and the jolly good times they had.

American Dreams Comic

Sticky Situation – Danko Jones (It is so good, even though the lyrics are … oh well, whatever) 

Video of He-Mans lesson of the episode (oh my god, it’s an HOUR).

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