Favorite Song: Willy Mason ‘Outwit the Devil’ – I can’t, I am not smart enough!

In my fantasy, this song is the older, nerdier brother of Laura Mvula’s catchy “Church Girl“-song (which has the line “how can you dance, with the devil on your back”) and given that Willy Mason even dances in the devastatingly charming music video makes me believe that these two songs are soulmates, destined to be tied together as the two songs that will guide you through the Summer of 2021.

The song is beautiful, even without its little sister. It’s the kind of cute, slightly sinister ballad about evading the devil that will come for you because in a moment of weakness you made a deal and now you have to get out of it, clear your soul, make things better. Although, to be quite honest, it is unclear via the video, whether it actually was supposed to be “outdance the devil.”

It’s coincidentally also a great song for the game “Mundaun” which is about a sinister contract with a devilish creature that you as the player have to undo. And no, I have no idea why so many things in my pop cultural life are currently revolving around the devil, it’s surely a coincidence and has nothing to do with the pact I made with that strange looking fellow on that crossroads in March …

Anyways, Mason will release a new album soon (just like Laura Mvula), so get on it!

3 thoughts on “Favorite Song: Willy Mason ‘Outwit the Devil’ – I can’t, I am not smart enough!

  1. Love the song.
    Random thought: One of the many, many weird and very telling things in culture about the supposed good/bad dichotomy between devil and capital-g God is that only one of them cares about consent, and surprise, it’s not the supposedly good one.
    I’ll admit this is a disputable interpretation of the whole “pact” idea, but I’ll stick with it for now.

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    1. I mean, on the one hand, I agree, on the other hand, the whole ‘believing in God’ is consent-based since it’s your choice to do so (or not). However, the question is how consentual something is if the alternative are eternal hellfires.


      1. Debatable.
        I personally am unable to choose what I believe, and I think so are all human beings.
        But I’m not an expert, I might be wrong.
        Also, what you said.


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