Female desire in movies and tv shows – with or without men

I recently watched “Everything sucks” on Netflix (now cancelled, after just one season) and was really taken with it even though the show itself is neither laugh-out-loud funny nor a cinematic master piece (it is utterly charming, feel-good and all around fun, though).

But something in the story-telling really resonated with me and after watching “Super 8” again, I realized it: “Everything sucks” not only takes into account the desires of its female protagonist but also rewards them.

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Soap Box: People, I am so done with politics

1. Bernie Sanders really lost me

I used to like the gruff, slightly comedic appearance of Sanders. But then he lost to Hillary and waited way too long to admit defeat and help her on her way. And then he didn’t really say anything when his Bernie Bros attacked Hillary much more than they attacked Trump. And then Hillary lost to Trump and Bernie was like: yeah, that’s because she just said that we should vote for her because she’s a woman (which she didn’t but who watches the debates anyway?) and because the working class voted for Trump but who is the working class anyway? By the way, the majority of the lower income families didn’t vote for Trumps and I guess that is the people Bernie wants to talk about but who looks at facts anyway?

And then Bernie went on this really weird rant about how it’s not enough to be a latino woman or a black CEO, that you need to fight the establishment and at that point he basically said: equality is not as important as a socialist society. And he rambled around and said (I am paraphrasing here but you can read the whole thing here): yes, we need equality, we need more women in the senate and African American CEOs, but we totally also and first and foremost need a strong working class. However, if you want to establish an idealistic socialist society, you better start it with everyone equal unless you want to freaking build all those inequalities right back in to the foundation. Otherwise, you’re back to the problem of white feminism which is based around getting all the equality for all the white, heterosexual able women without any thought of women of colour, homosexual women, trans women or disabled women.

What also makes me angry: that the whole leftist scene in America is so smug and no one admits that they’ve made mistakes, too but revel in the democrats woes like assholes. I don’t blame everything on them but take your f***ing share, this is on you as well!

2. FU protest voters

I am also so so very angry at people who could not only get over their own smugness and voted some comedy candidate or wrote in “Bernie” because HAHAHAHAHAHA! but also heaped more trash on Hillary than on Trump just because they were so in love with Bernie and so angry at that darn e-mail-stuff. I get it, he was all the change and dismissive hand waving and old man-noise-making you always wanted but he lost the vote and Hillary got it and instead of helping her to defeat Trump these people simply could not stop posting how evil, sociopathic and corrupt she was. I actually know of a person who did not want Trump to be president but still managed to talk more trash about Hillary than about him. That is so stupid that I can’t even, you guys and gals, I can’t even.

We are supposed to be in this together – just because you don’t like Hillary’s awesome pantsuits and don’t understand that stuff about her mails shouldn’t mean that you could sabotage her like that!

3. I know, celebrity deaths are sad and all…

But can we please stop saying that 2016 was horrible because a lot of old and ill famous people died? I know that the loss of a celebrity is always this weird shared experience of grief and I too did cry a little and sang a song when the German actor and musician Manfred Krug died. But it feels really bad when you think about the fact that at least one your friends has lost someone last year and here you are, tweeting “worst year ever” like a douche.

You know, I was moved by this, even if it was somewhat cheesy and manipulative. But I like Kate and I like this song and I love the pantsuits. 

4. Politics 101: It’s not as easy as you think it is

All in all, here’s my point of view: this world is not horrible because of one thing. Trump’s election is not singularly Hillary Clinton’s fault, the right-wing movement in Europe is not just happening because politicians and media didn’t take some weird middle class people seriously enough with their “fears”, Brexit didn’t just happen because the EU sucks and Syria is not only suffering because of ISIS. People are horrible and multifaceted. They are envious and greedy and angry all the time. If they are not, they are naive and tolerating of too many horrible things just to have a peaceful life. People are sad and don’t know what to do. People are selfish and they hate to change their worldviews even if they are so wrong that even Kanye West would be like “that’s a bit much, you better apologize”. The media are the worst. We need them, but they are the worst and they are so annoying that I wanted Trump to lose just so I did not have to read 500 articles about his every breath each day.

Even the stalker in this song would have had enough after the first 3 months.

Politics are hard, y’all. It’s not as easy. Bernie Sanders has great ideas but I am really not sure whether he would have had any idea how to realize them with a mostly republican congress. Seriously, people.

Things are fluid. They move on and on which means that one big thing doesn’t necessarily mean the big change we always wanted. Obama didn’t erase racism in America. If at all, he opened up this wound of angry white people and now they are oozing all over the place. This election of Trump is a horrible thing but it won’t be the end. But it might be the beginning of the end if we just take it as it is. I learned that I have to be smart about my vote when Germany votes next year and that I have to blame basically everyone whenever something happens because the one thing that the US election 2016 taught me: it was everyone’s fault and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Soap Box: News, things and stuff that bugged me in July 2016

Urgh, July. I was at a family wedding (not my family) and other people’s families are so stressful when you can’t really get away. Don’t get me wrong, it was a lovely wedding and everyone was really nice but it also was so much that I thought that weddings are really overrated. So now I watch this show where four brides visit each other’s weddings and criticize them and I laugh with glee at how awful everything and everyone is.

US-elections: tl;dr

I can not fathom how America can stretch out something as simple as an election into a one year procedure where everything is said and done and shouted BEFORE the actual candidates are decided upon. I admit, the first months of every pre-round are kind of amusing as especially the Republicans slay it with the absurdity of their candidates. But with Trump and the media going hogwild around him, it has been amusing at first, then concerning and now it’s just so annoying because even though Trump always says something stupid/horrible, the media treat it as if it’s the first time he did something like that and everyone is supposed to be like “OMG, he did not say that!”. YES HE DID, just as he did the last 10 months or so, what the hell is wrong with you that you can’t remember that? Please, stop it, vote for Hilary, complain about her when all is said and done and let Trump slowly fade into obscurity.

Terrorism: let’s talk about it, even if we shouldn’t

As you might have heard, Germany had a few rough weeks, especially with the horrible mass murder in Munich. Before the police confirmed anything, the media were already doing two quite bad, no good things:

  1. They repeated the police who advised not to show any pictures of the police work, so the murderer wouldn’t know where they were and what their strategy was, only to show pictures of the police work right after that announcement. They did that repeatedly. They really did that. Like that kid you told not to eat the candy and whilst still looking straight into your eyes, it grabs the candy and jams it into his face.
  2. They talked about the possibility of a terrorist attack before anyone who actually knew the facts confirmed it (spoiler alert: it wasn’t a terrorist attack, it was a mass murder committed by an asshole who didn’t like immigrants), therefore fueling the rumors, the right-wing speculations and any possible fear viewers might have seeing an already scary and gruesome thing. I know, the media always do this, against all experts who continuously say that this kind of shit is the worst thing you can do. It’s frustrating.

American Idol: Sometimes, white men are just the worst, sometimes, though, they really aren’t

It’s nothing new for anyone who reads this blog regularly, I have an unhealthy (and as of now cold turkeyed) obsession with American Idol. This year, the last season ran its course with a solid winner and an amazing runner up. Now, the season is long finished but I recently watched a few of her performances again as I do regularly and I remembered this thing and it still angers me so much.

La’Porsha Renae is going to release her probably fantastic motown album in November. This woman did her dramatic reveal in the middle of the season when she talked about her past. La’Porsha Renae is a survivor of domestic abuse and therefore sang all those powerhouse songs that are about strength and love (for her daughter) and perseverance. When one week, the producers suggested a suck-up song of a wifey to her horrible horrible dude, she politely refused, saying that she couldn’t sing songs like that with heart because it’s not in her.

And I think that everyone who has a heart and a mind and a soul would agree with that and never mention that song again. Well, unless it’s Scott Borchetta who could force a song on the contestants in one of the later weeks and decided that yeah, maybe domestic abuse is bad and a survivor should have the chance to not sing a song that caters to a men after she decided that no man ever will make her beg ever again in her life, but hey, “Stay with me”by Lorraine Ellison is a nice song and welp, he was just curious how she would perform it, right. Borchetta, you dick. What a dick.

So, here’s another powersong for La’Porsha. Her album is supposed to drop in November and I am down for it. Down! I am so down like Harry Connick Jr. is down.

By the way, I gained a lot of respect for Keith Urban on the show. That dude cried like no one cried on this show after Kelly Clarkson’s guest performance and he was not ashamed to show his ugly crying face in front of the whole audience and all the tv-viewers at home. I mean, sure, we’re in 2016 and this should be a non-issue but how many famous musicians do you know that would ever cry like that on national tv without even thinking about turning away? You do you, Keith, you do you.

Soap Box: Things that bugged me in June 2016

Yeah, the Soap Box is back! I gotta say, I kind of missed it, I recently stumbled over a few blackface-fails in German entertainment and was reminded of my old text on it and thought: hey, I am pretty angry at stuff now, why not do this again?

Oh, and don’t worry. I am still happy with a cat and a dude – all the more reasons to vent on this blog instead of at home (well, technically, I am venting at home when I write this but…pish posh, you know?).

So let’s start.

  1. Blackface in Germany – a never ending story

I can’t believe that it’s 2016 and there’s still idiotic people in Germany that do blackface. Admitted, it’s the kind of people who seem like they totally would do stupid stuff like that but it’s still weird that there’s no one around them who told them that it’s hella racist and hella dumb to do. We had a bad comedian who thought that it would be fun to do blackface to portray famous German football player Jerome Boateng in a „fun“ way (by now, it should be clear, that „fun“ means racist for way too many German entertainers). In a way he added insult to injury as Boateng had already had his fair share of open racism (the kind that is not even “fun”) when one of those empty-headed nazis from the right-wing party Afd, Alexander Gauland, said that he wouldn’t want him as a neighbour. Dude, Boateng makes more money with one game than you in a year and probably has his own island. You couldn’t be his neighbour if you wanted to.

Oh, but this isn’t even all of it. Only this week, one of our charming D-celebrities, Micaela Schäfer, made a nude-fashion-shot (I mean, is it a fashion shot without the clothes?) all in blackface. Like, she didn’t even just do blackface, she did blackeverything. Which was just as bad as it sounds, especially if I tell you right now that she did this with “tribal” jewelry and a freaking spear in her hand. If Ben Stiller’s blackface in “Tropic Thunder” pales in comparison than you’re really, no REALLY, doing it wrong.

  1. No means no – but not really, am I right?

In case you haven’t heard, Germany is currently discussing how to save its men and women from being raped. Despite the myth that we are all super liberal and progressive around here, our law still doesn’t accept a „no“ as an adequate warning against rapists. If you haven’t punched that motherfucker till he bled his own teeth, you have no chance in front of the law. That sucks, right? Well, the law is in the midst of being changed. But guess what…people are super worried that women will now flood the system with false rape accusations. It scares people so much that a pretty prominent female journalist wrote a whole article about it in one of the biggest newspapers out there (Die Zeit) – even in the print version which means that it’s legit!

It’s like, how can we make sure that we women will not suddenly willy nilly accuse everyone just to get dragged through the system, be treated like dirty whores, cursed at and be filmed by strangers during the court hearing (and they will not be fined) and even be witness as the perpetrators will be let off, so they can file a lawsuit against us for suggesting that they were rapists in the first place. I mean, model Gina-Lisa Lohfink went through this only recently and I guess it sounds so much fun that we all are really hellbent on experiencing the same.

  1. Orange is the new Black gut-punched me so bad

Possible spoilers ahead.

It’s just…man.

  1. Kill your idols

There’s a lot of people, mainly women, who I really respect and like a lot, whose work I love and who I push as much as is possible with a measly blog and about 160 followers on Twitter. However, I don’t have idols or icons or whatever. Even back when I studied philosophy, I didn’t get people who were totally behind one philosopher without one shred of disagreement. I mean, I didn’t read that much during that time but each and every philosopher I read at some point said or wrote something that I strongly disagreed with.

So, this week I had to strongly disagree with a feminist writer who I actually respect a lot and whose German column I love. But her recent text simply felt lazy, unstructured and riddled with logical fallacies (don’t say you won’t partake in a discussion and then partake in the discussion by saying that you don’t partake in the discussion – unless it’s Monty Python kind of absurd, that stuff is lame). I felt bad because I don’t have a single fan who is not a close friend or related to me, I don’t have many followers or readers and therefore I am one of those weird, annoying people from the sidelines, who suddenly clear their throat and interrupt the idol to tell them that their fly is wide open. No one likes those people and I was those people right then and there because even if I myself am guilty of it, I don’t like lazy texts. I still like Margarete Stockowski, though. I really do.

  1. I really think that football/soccer is boring

I hate it because I can’t even play video games because we only have one monitor at home and the only game on our laptop is a lame strategy game and those are boooooring. Fuck that. I am Moss from the “IT Crowd” at a football match and I am just as excited about it. I am even just as aggressive and angry at it because there’s one hour of football talk then 45 minutes of football, then there’s the news WITH FOOTBALL IN IT and then there’s another 45 minutes and then another hour with football talk. IT NEVER ENDS!

I just realized how much I love this scene.

That’s it for now. A girl has other things to do (yes, I watch GOT and I somehow had to slip that in here to let you know that I have, in fact, not lived in a cave in the last two years.

Oh Germany: why Erdogan wants a German comedian in jail

You might have read about it, right now, Jan Böhmermann, a German comedian might face trial over a satirical poem he recited about Erdogan. “Je suis Böhmermann”, some people already tweet (because that’s the term du jour for the littlest, most pathetic thing) and the German media are nauseatingly full of opinion pieces and the question, how far satire can and should go.

But here’s a little backstory. It all began not with Böhmermann but with the satirical comedy show “Extra3” who did a “comedic” song about Erdogan criticizing him for his treatment of critical members of the press and generally the political opposition in Turkey. Because, see, right now, Turkey is a key component to deal with the thousands and hundreds of thousands of refugees. To reduce the risk of those refugees going the dangerous route over the sea to Greece, they now will be sent back immediately to Turkey who will house them but also will send as many refugees over the legal (and more importantly, safe) way to Europe as have been sent back from Greece. It’s not a perfect plan but Europe doesn’t know anymore how to stop all those people from dying in little make-shift boats and Greece doesn’t know what to do with the survivors. It all could be a lot better but this is what we have right now.

The European countries had to compromise heavily to get this deal done with Turkey because Erdogan wants in on the EU. Furthermore, Turkey has been heavily criticized for incarcerating critical journalists and members of the political opposition. Especially the Kurds suffer heavily under the turkish government which is a constant sore in the eye of the Human Rights Watch (read more).

So, it’s a tricky situation. On the one hand, you need to get on Erdogan’s good side, so you can save the lives of refugees and gain more control over the situation. On the other hand, you can’t completely ignore that Turkey seems to be on the best way to become a dictatorship.

Extra3 wanted to show this discrepancy with their song which made fun of how much control Erdogan has on the whole situation right now. Erdogan returned the favour by inviting the German ambassador and being kind of thin-skinned about the whole thing.

Now, Extra3 did not break any German law. Our free speech covers satire and art – if you will – within the means. German politicians complained about Erdogan’s reaction and even the ambassador kind of laughed it off as ridiculous.

Enter Jan ****ing Böhmermann. You might not have heard of him before but he’s kind of like John Oliver…but without the empathy, the passion to educate on ambiguous topics and generally the goodwill to make things better. Jan Böhmermann is basically a dude who puts out ironic viral videos or pranks other stars or the media in an attempt to show that he is above everything and smarter than everyone and anyways, the coolest dude who ever lived. He also is bathed in irony which means that you can never attack anything he does because in the end you didn’t get it because you’re too stupid. He’s the kind of comedian who doesn’t want to change things but kind of loves to criticize them and feel better about himself. The kind who walks into an internet forum, mocks everyone and then leaves before he has to explain himself. He’s the kind of comedian who releases a parody of a rap video that miraculously mocks both gangster rappers and the police and therefore manages to have no opinion at all but just riled up everyone. He’s – for lack of a better word – a troll.

And he decided to one-up Extra3 with a poem about Erdogan that is – by law – illegal to say about any head of state according to §103 (that really should be done with but still exists). He knew that because he mentioned it before he recited it. He also had Turkish subtitles for the poem but not the contextual introduction of the poem, meaning that the “satire” did not translate to people who didn’t speak German.

It’s a poem that is full of clichés and stereotypes about muslim people and refers to Erdogan as some really bad things. It’s supposed to be educating about what should be reprimanded instead of the Extra3-song. At least, that’s what people interpret into this whole thing. It’s not like Böhmermann really clarified it, even after Merkel apologized to Erdogan about the poem, even after Erdogan said he wanted file a complaint and even after Böhmermann is – right now – under police protection because apparently some people don’t get a joke (seriously, though, the last part is the one thing I am actually really sorry for because no one deserves to be threatened for a stupid poem). So far, there has been no word from Böhmermann about this situation.

The legal situation is this (despite a lot of people claiming otherwise):

– Merkel can’t wave her hand to make it all go away

– The poem is actually illegal under §103

– The court can decide whether the context of the poem is enough to punish Böhmermann or not (most people think that it will not)

The situation is also this:

In an already very tricky and sensitive political situation, someone decides to completely derail everything by creating a pretty big clusterfuck for everyone involved. Do you think that Angela Merkel has better things to do than to apologize to Erdogan for fear that he will somehow use this against the deal the EU has with him? Of course, she does. Do you think the media should rather report on the hundreds of other critical situations in this world than spend about 500 articles each day on a stupid satire? Of course, they should. Do you think that Erdogan overreacted? Of course he did but we are not talking about cool-beans Obama here, so it is impossible to not have known that.

You want to know what I think? I think that freedom of speech is incredibly important. But this thing did not help the incarcerated journalists in Turkey and it did not educate people on the limits of freedom of speech because right now, everyone tweets “Satire can do anything” like they don’t even know what words are or that personal rights do exist. And I think that you are always allowed to criticize your politicians, your leaders or whomever you want to criticize – but you don’t have to be such an ass about it.

Soap Box 11: Things that bugged me in April

April, April, come she will. I actually had a rather pleasant month but hey, a cynical asshole never stops finding new things to complain about – it’s our secret superpower. So before I rage on, here’s some mellow music to get your heartrate lower because I love you and want to you stay healthy and not stress out too much.

So, do American Baristas hate their job?

I don’t get it. There are so many videos, articles and whatnot out there about coffee-shop-employees that complain about the customers that simply order coffee. It’s either the Baristas themselves who get weirdly angry about specific offers that their shop does offer (that’s like an H&M-salesperson getting really angry that you want to buy a dress and not a t-shirt) or questions about the beverages (which is not a surprise given that a lot of barista coffees have a shitload of non-coffee-related crap in them that doesn’t belong there in the first place). OR it’s those customers that obviously are super normal and cool and just happen to be in line with all the horrible people that usually go to these shops.

(To be honest, I don’t even know what the complaint is about in this video – I figure it’s either about the audacity to buy coffee in a coffee shop or the audacity to not let people who don’t buy and just want to use the toilet wait in line with the rest of the paying scumbag-customers).

I get that being in the service industry can be a pain in the ass because there are many horrible people out there who ignore you, treat you like garbage or complain about stupid stuff that’s not even your fault (like the price of the coffee or Obama’s health care). But in all those lists, most Baristas simply complain about customers being customers. So if you have 20 different coffee-varieties and offer a thousand sirups and frothy milk variations and seasonal spice-mixtures, don’t expect the customer to know them all by heart when they reach you (this is not Seinfeld and you’re not the soup-nazi). It’s normal to be a little overwhelmed by the number of offers. It sometimes takes some time but guess what – as you are not simultaneously making coffee and performing CPR on orphans, no one will actually get hurt if someone takes a little longer for their order.

It is also normal to have extra wishes if the shop offers them. If you don’t want to serve a freaking chai latte with soy milk, vanilla sirup, cinnamon sprinkles and a whole pineapple on top, then don’t fucking have it on your fucking menu! Pardon my French but what kind of asshole in the service industry complains about something like that? And yes, being a Barista is being someone in the service industry, because believe it or not but just because you can make some coffee with a super expensive machine doesn’t elevate you from waiters, bartenders or those people that make fresh crepés at the christmas market.

Oh, and also: If you are a customer and get annoyed by other customers that can’t decide within a nano-second or have a larger offer to make – congratulations, you are the best customer in the world and no one can measure up to your ability to order your coffee in two seconds, pay in cash without sorting out your change and not stand in the way. Here’s your invisible award for being annoyed that not everyone else is such a superior coffee-shop-customer.

“No means no” – unless you kinda force a “Yes”?

Urgh, so I stumbled upon this unfortunate story in which a dude told a rape-story on a podcast about him getting a massage and at some point nudging the masseuse to perform oral sex. When a backlash occurred, he said he had made the story up and that it was his art as a comedian to be offensive – you know, just like it is Victor Salva’s art to have very weird allusions to his raping of a minor in the 80s in every single movie he does. Ok, so Salva actually did it, this guy says he actually didn’t do it. But in the wake of the ongoing discussion about major sleaze-bag Terry Richardson – who supposedly never forced any of his lesser known and inexperienced models to perform sex-acts but simply relentlessly talked them into it by intimidating them – it seems obvious that some parts of society still have a very warped view on the whole “No means no”-issue. See, because in his story, David Choe said that she did perform the oral sex – only after she said “No” (but her eyes said “Yes”*) – but she didn’t throw him out when he pushed her to do it.

It shouldn’t even be just the “No” that indicates an unwillingness to a sexual act because fear and intimidation can do wonders to suppress any such thing. But for the sake of the argument, let’s just assume that there is a “No” in the mix – you would expect that this is the only thing necessary to stop any advances. I mean, that’s what the whole phrase “No means no” is about. If a woman (or man) doesn’t want to, they say “No” and no further sexual advances will be made without any further pressure and no fucking guilt trip if they didn’t do anything else to show that they meant it.

But apparently, that “No” has to be uttered over and over again, including shouting it, physically shoving the sexually aggressive person away, calling the police and running away. Admittedly, that is a little more complex than the usual definition of the word “No” indicates but maybe it’s somewhere in the Urban Dictionary and we just didn’t notice, how stupid and inconsiderate of us. Maybe – if so many sexual predators only accept this kind of “No” in their lives – we should all do this in all other contexts as well as they apparently wouldn’t understand otherwise. If someone asks them for change and they say “No” but don’t scream, kick or call the police, that person should just continue to ask them, follow them, hold their arm, slowly rummage through their bag to find their wallet to show them that they actually have change and want to give it away.

If they get asked if they want some more wine in a restaurant, and they don’t violently push away the glass and smash the bottle on the floor, the waiter should just pour more wine into their glass, maybe even convince them to drink it from the bottle and have another one right after.

If they get asked anything and reply “No” but don’t immediately pull out the pepper spray and their “No means no”-whistle, then we should just ask them over and over again, let our friends ask them as well, isolate them, so they feel crowded and surrounded, don’t let them leave, convince them that everything will be fine and that everyone is having fun and that no one has to do anything they don’t want to do but that they better do it if they want to have a nice future…after all, that’s the only way to interpret such a meak and obviously not serious answer such as “No”, right?

*Oh, and one other thing: Eyes don’t say “Yes”, because eyes can’t utter words, so whoever argues with that immense kind of bullshit – do eyes ever tell you that an “eye-yes” is a court room-“No” in any rape-case? No? Well, I suppose the victim’s attorney will do that then.

And another other thing: If someone has to differentiate between “rape”-behaviour and “rapey”-behaviour to explain their sex-stories, it’s safe to say that they in any semantic case should be called “predatory”.

“Political Correctness” is not taking your freedom, it’s asking for respect

Before I start this: I know that the term “Political Correctness” has only the worst connotation since it is used to discredit any attempt to make people more aware of the language and behaviour that discriminates other people but for lack of another word I will just keep using it because that’s how I roll!

Since the blackface-debate about “Wetten, dass..?” – the German talkshow that encouraged their audience to dress up as a black cartoon character and make sure that they use “shoe polish” for their maskerade – I had quite a few discussions about the issue which I didn’t expect.

It’s a weird topic. Since Germany doesn’t have the historical background of America, the terms of “minstrel” and “blackface” aren’t even that known which means that the issue demands explanation from the get-go. Now, as political incorrect behaviour/opinion goes, ignorance is the biggest motivator.

Most of the times, it was more about the fact WHY people get upset in the first place, because…

“It was all in good fun. This is not America, they didn’t mean it in a bad way, so I don’t see why people are so shaken up about it.”

Well, the intention of something and the actual perception are quite often two different beasts and if people get upset about something someone said and did, then why not asking them why and then evaluate their opinion instead of dismissing it as exaggerated?

I have a theory and it fits nicely into the general debate of political correctness because it applies to blackface, to any appropriation actually. It applies to rape jokes and it applies to general concerns about racial slurs, mysoginistic language, homophobic language and any other slip of the tongue/behaviour. Oh, and it’s probably not the most unique theory, so don’t expect the invention of the wheel here.

I think, that most people who not necessarily condone blackface but also don’t get what the fuzz is about, have the intentions of political correctness wrong. They fear that their right to say or do something is being taken away. They fear that their freedom of speech is being taken even though they didn’t mean it in any bad way.

But it’s not forbidding you to say something horrible. It’s not impaling your freedom of speech (or rather, it should not, that’s not what it should do). If you want to sound ignorant, you are welcome to do so.

No, political correctness is there to show respect towards other people. Sure, you can say whatever you want (as long as it doesn’t constitute as hate-speech or appeals to violence) but do you really have to say it if it hurts and/or insults others?

I know that during Fasching – the German carnival – you can accidentally stumble into a whole array of horribly racist costumes: From girls in blackface and bones in their hair to guys in yellowface and buckteeth. Carnival has been like that for decades, long before the discussion started whether it’s appropriate to dress like a drunk Mexican or half-naked painted Native American. But only because something has been blissfully done since ages because it hadn’t been an issue before (mainly because minorities didn’t have the social standing to even demand the sort of respect that political correctness tries to encourage) doesn’t mean that it’s not wrong.

Political correctness sometimes can be awkward and stupid because it often fails to explain WHY exactly it condones certain things. It’s also often treated by the media as an all-encompassing law to force people into a certain mindset, to force them into changing their worldview. But it shouldn’t. It actually can potentially offer ways to evade language and behaviour that disrespects (other) minorites. It tries to open the worldview or at least let people tolerate other worldviews (and tolerance can always lead to acceptance and even respect if someone wants to). There is no hidden agenda to overthrow and undermine the white class, there is no hidden agenda to make men our (meaning women’s) bitches (I tried, though, asked my feminist friends and they completely turned my proposal down).

Oh wait, Putin is against political correctness? I guess, I have to reconsider everything I know now!

There is just the agenda to make people aware that there are other religions, other mindsets, other worldviews out there and that ignorant remarks, behaviours and words – that we usually can give up quite easily – are hurting our efforts as humanity to come together instead of blowing each other’s heads off. Because that’s what most of these things – if they are amassed – do: They strengthen prejudices, they lower the respect towards other groups of people, they trivialize historical atrocities, they trivialize other people’s feelings, cultural backgrounds and histories and therefore make them less important than our own.

What does hurt more? Not to put on the shoe polish on for carnival and instead go as slutty banana or to see someone who usually has every advantage in society mocking you and your heritage?

By the way, there is an interesting and pretty balanced article on this topic on Buzzfeed, discussing a Tottenham football club’s affectionate nickname “Yids” for their fans. You may read and eye-roll your way through it, it’s a nice overview on the fact that most people who argue against the use of it just want people to consider the history behind the word.

Motivational videos suck so hard

Fuck you semi-motivational videos critizising technology and social networks!

I have 422 friends – all of them film and art students who spend their day looking meaningful into their Starbucks-coffee and think of video ideas that could go viral…

It’s not even the first of its kind because there is a bloody crapload of those things – usually beautifully shot (damn those film-students and their horrible course-work) – on the interweb and people keep posting them because the music is so inspirational and everything looks so MEANINGFUL! But it’s not. I tell you what. If these people venture out on a journey over the world to knock on people’s doors and recite this awful slam poetry IN PERSON then I might be impressed but as long as they use social fucking networks to complain about social fucking networks, I will gladly call BS on this crap and try not to comment sarcastically when my friends post this pile of pretentious garbage on Facebook.

It’s not like I have less of a social life because I am on Facebook, in fact, I wouldn’t meet half of my friends if it weren’t for Facebook and if some people have other uses for social networks and gather their 30000 friends to tweet to them, let’s just have them their speck of internet-fame and don’t whine about it. Urgh, if this at least would have been made by a 16 year old teenager, I could understand because at that age everything as half-assed as this seems super-meaningful but this is an adult male who wrote this, created a shiny video and hoped for it to go fucking viral.

It’s like someone wrote down all the stuff you babble on whenever you’re high (not that I ever was) and then – instead of sobering up and realizing that it was semi-philosophic stoner-trash – created a video out of it. I tell you what. If this guy wouldn’t be dressed like the republican candidate who sweats profusely during debate, he would obviously wear a poncho, dungaries and flowers in his hair and sing this Hippie-crap of yesteryear that was as useless for life and as shallow as it is now in this video.

By the way, selling your computer to buy a super expensive ring – haha, criticize social networks but go for stereotypical gender-roles/capitalism is priceless.

Oh, and I weep for all people who have phones and computers because obviously none of them is married or has kids or friends because ALL of them are isolated with their twitter-followers (that includes me and I don’t even have Twitter-followers!).

The only good reason to look up from your phone is to look out for the fucking traffic, so you don’t run into someone or get run over by a car.


Soap Box 8: Things that bugged me in February

Oh February, Y U SO Cold? I actually got ill this month even though I hardly ever get ill (I am a very sickly person in general but I hardly ever get ill, give it up for my bad health but strong immune system!). There were actually a lot of things to get mad about, so as usual, I picked mostly things that don’t involve war and genocide because it’s super difficult to write about those things and still work in puns and funny music videos. So we got mistreated “Fag Hags” ( I hate that word), Musical-Adaptions that put the “Karaoke-Night” in “Musical”, Ellen Page’s coming out and people being outlandishly dickish about it and another one of Germany’s issues with race-related entertainment. Ah, when will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

You might think that I posted this ironically but I totally rock out to this song on a regular basis. Because I too was born like a hobo to walk alone – how can you not love these lyrics? Continue reading