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Hello there and welcome to my blog!

This blog is a big bloated beast, containing entries in both German and (mainly) English about music, movies, pop culture, books, sometimes politics, recently also video games and whatever else pops into my mind. As of now (2021) this blog is about 12 years old which makes it a dinosaur on the internet (does anyone still write a blog?) but apparently I still enjoy writing about things I like (or ranting about things I don’t like).

If you want to contact me because you have cool music, a cool game, a cool (comic) book or a cool movie you’d like me to check out, feel free to write me under the following address:


Since this blog is a hobby and I am an adult with a 9-to-5-job, I might not get back to every single inquiry. Please, don’t take it personally. I do check my emails regularly and try to reply as much as possible (especially when I see that I am not part of a newsletter but that you specifically took the time to write me).

Who am I? 

I am a geek who is not quite successful in pretending to be an upstanding citizen on her day job. I have cats, I live in a big city and I like all things horror (except the horrors of living but that’s for another day). I collect hobbies and never master them. I do Lets Plays (you can subscribe here). I have too many things and too many thoughts. I wish I was stronger but I don’t do sports, so there’s that. I would never look for a strange noise in the basement on my own. I think potatoes are the best thing in the world. I am obsessed with 80s pop and everything that sounds like 80s pop. I can’t walk on heels but I can built IKEA furniture without any help. I love comedy but hate comedians complain about PC and cancel culture. I try to be an ally. I like nail polish and clothes in bright colours. I dress like a 10-year-old. I usually cry at the end of animated movies. I love all animals (but I also eat some of them). I don’t party hard, I rather party politely. I do love dancing even though I can’t dance. I do love singing even though I can’t sing. I once won the reading competition in fourth grade. I used to write poetry. I really want to write a novel one day and don’t even care if anyone reads it or not, I just want to finish that damn thing. I think that’s enough about me. What about you? Tell me in the comments.

I live in Berlin (13057, for a proper address, please contact me via mail). I am responsible for the content of this blog.

Because I am a German citizen and therefore legally forced to also give another way of communicating with me, here’s my phone number (but please write me an email):

16 thoughts on “About and Contact

  1. We Will Optimize Your Site To Increase It’s Rankings And Get Your Website On The 1st Page Of Google, Yahoo And MSN


    1. Das kann nur ernst gemeint sein und wirklich passieren, unmöglich, dass es sich hierbei um Spam oder anderweitige Internetquereleien handelt! Fans: Achtet auf die erste Googleseite!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your page! I’m nominating you for a Liebster Award because it’s that awesome. Head over to my blog and check out my latest post for all the details and what it is.


  3. Yep, I’m nominating you for something else now. The WordPress Family Award. You needn’t do anything, just know there’s always a place set for you at the Jhubner73 kitchen table.


  4. For some reason I thought I was already following your blog. I guess not, but I am now. I also have something else to confess. The entire time you have been commenting on my blog posts I envisioned you as a round, orange man. Wrong again. I want to tell you that your blog is awesome and that after reading this I have a major girl crush on you. I have also become convinced that we are spiritually connected, mainly because as I was reading, Kansas coincidentally came up on my random iTunes play list. Also because you speak German (as do I) and while it is the world’s least sexy language, it is a little unique, probably not so much in Berlin but at least here in Vancouver. Great blog! I look forward to catching up on the posts I’ve missed out on!


  5. Okay, you are going to think I am a huge moron. I had you confused with someone else. Disregard the above comment about thinking you were a man. And you commenting on my blog. I happened upon your blog through an accidental series of manic clicks while trying to reply to another bloggers comment. I guess it really was fate. (Everything else I wrote was true).


    1. I was a little confused, even though there is no shame in being a huge orange man. But one way or the other, I am happy that you found your way to my blog, so a toast to the expanding family of blog-buddies who found each other through manic clicks!


    1. Gosh darnit, those things? I guess I have to but it will take at least a few weeks because you know how lazy I’ve become concerning blogging.
      Also: those questions :/ I will have to write cartwheels to get through them unscathed.


      1. I already wrote the whole thing last night because that’s the kind of nerd I am. However, that nominating-thing was really difficult because I simply don’t read that many blogs (which explains my niche-existence in that field, I guess).


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