From 2006 to 2007 I spent a year in Cardiff and experienced what the life is in a city where bands from “beyond the city gates” actually play. Until then I had lived in the quaint coastal city Rostock which no one really knows except maybe for this one bad thing that once happened but no one wants to talk about that anymore, so don’t ask.

When I returned with heavy heart, I realized that I was musically more in the know than any of my friends and that made me feel superior (obviously). But to prevent slipping back into the smalltown haze of ignorance, I had to keep going and that’s why I started this blog in 2008. To continuously feel better than anyone else which – I guess – is the only reason you would ever start a blog.

Fast forward a couple of years and this blog has changed languages as often as Courtney Love changed her arch-enemies (Jason Segel – seriously? What’s next, little kittens?) and has taken on quite a few off-topic entries that got a little life of their own (Feed me, Seymour Jule!).

This is still a blog about music but it’s not just about music and there might be weeks when I find other things more interesting or just am in the mood to write about nothing at all thereby refining the art of procrastination in literary form. This quite possibly will lead to me inventing a new genre and eventually receiving a nobel price. I will blow the money (there’s money right? For what other reason would anyone try to do anything good for humanity?) and have huge tax problems which will result in my sudden “suicide” which will only be a cover up as I will start a new life as Tenka Hostrom in Sweden together with my totally handsome, smart and devoted husband. Just so you know. But don’t look for me, you’ll never find me and will waste your time.

(So that’s what this song is about. The part about Sweden probably is between the lines)

Right now, though, my name is Juliane Waack and I broke out of the smalltown to make it big in Berlin because everyone who moves into the big city becomes famous, right? I do have a proper job (and now and then write a little about music in German and even with ‘German’ in the title as well) but I also work as a volunteer for a radio station in Rostock because surely someone will hear my show one day and discover me for I am a star, Hollywood movies can’t lie when it comes to that, right, RIGHT?


Because Germany hates the internet, the German law kinda forces me to put not only my full name but also my mail-address and even my full home address on here. That’s because they think that everyone who might get mad at something I wrote (probably just for comedic effect) should have the opportunity to drive up to my house and insult and/or beat me up in front of my family and neighbours. Well, here you are, you too easy agitated Roadtrip-to-beat-bloggers-up-fanatics. I challenge you, though, by only giving my full name and postal code, seriously, stalkers back in the days had to work hard so you should too:

Juliane Waack
18055 Rostock
10178, Berlin (for further details mail me, like, internet-mail me)
mail: Fichtenstein@t-online.de

You could, though, also write me actual and perfumed love and/or fan-letters, or even better, organize a trip to my home to sit in front of my bedroom and watch me creepily from the outside all night long (now, did I just make your otherwise boring summer holidays, or what?).

In celebration of the new possibilities to invade my privacy, here’s Fischer Z with “Marliese” in all its ad-libbed glory.


16 thoughts on “About

    1. Das kann nur ernst gemeint sein und wirklich passieren, unmöglich, dass es sich hierbei um Spam oder anderweitige Internetquereleien handelt! Fans: Achtet auf die erste Googleseite!


    1. Awesomesauce and thanks, it’s a pretty neat concept. I’ll try to take part as well if I get my ass to do such a great entry for it as you did.


  1. Yep, I’m nominating you for something else now. The WordPress Family Award. You needn’t do anything, just know there’s always a place set for you at the Jhubner73 kitchen table.


  2. For some reason I thought I was already following your blog. I guess not, but I am now. I also have something else to confess. The entire time you have been commenting on my blog posts I envisioned you as a round, orange man. Wrong again. I want to tell you that your blog is awesome and that after reading this I have a major girl crush on you. I have also become convinced that we are spiritually connected, mainly because as I was reading, Kansas coincidentally came up on my random iTunes play list. Also because you speak German (as do I) and while it is the world’s least sexy language, it is a little unique, probably not so much in Berlin but at least here in Vancouver. Great blog! I look forward to catching up on the posts I’ve missed out on!


  3. Okay, you are going to think I am a huge moron. I had you confused with someone else. Disregard the above comment about thinking you were a man. And you commenting on my blog. I happened upon your blog through an accidental series of manic clicks while trying to reply to another bloggers comment. I guess it really was fate. (Everything else I wrote was true).


    1. I was a little confused, even though there is no shame in being a huge orange man. But one way or the other, I am happy that you found your way to my blog, so a toast to the expanding family of blog-buddies who found each other through manic clicks!


    1. Gosh darnit, those things? I guess I have to but it will take at least a few weeks because you know how lazy I’ve become concerning blogging.
      Also: those questions :/ I will have to write cartwheels to get through them unscathed.


      1. I already wrote the whole thing last night because that’s the kind of nerd I am. However, that nominating-thing was really difficult because I simply don’t read that many blogs (which explains my niche-existence in that field, I guess).


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