All the horror in one place

You like horror movies but sometimes like to watch specific settings, themes and don’t know where to find good suggestions? Well, do I have THE THING for you. This is an ongoing collection of horror movie lists that are sorted thematically, fro caves and tunnels to camping trips gone wrong to creepy old people.

Additionally, I added a few music playlists that feature ghosts, witches and monsters, plus a few other horror related blog entries in case you are still on the look for yet some more scares.

Horror movie-Lists:

Late Night Shifts will Kill You!

Get to know-Lin-Shaye-Horror-movie-list

Horror movies: Tunnels and caves are creepy

Horror movie list: Camping is deadly

Creepy doll horror: it’s so hard to find!

The female body is creepy! Horror movies about deadly women

Under the sea! Underwater horror movies

Don’t kill my Statson! Horror in the Wild West

Horror movie list: where are all the mermaids?

Horror movie list: Old people are creepy

Halloween Song-lists:

My big post-apocalyptic song list

Songs about monsters

1, 2, 16 Songs about vampires, har har har

Witches vs. Wizards

Songs about g-g-g-ghosts!

My favourite Halloween songs

Lovecraft song-a-thon

Horror specials and misc.:

There can only be one: The League of Gentlemen

Dead Man’s Bones

Short story: Black Paint

Comictown: Deadbeats

Lazy Sunday: Chthulhu Squarepants