All the horror in one place

You like horror movies but sometimes like to watch specific settings, themes and don’t know where to find good suggestions? Well, do I have THE THING for you. This is an ongoing collection of horror movie lists that are sorted thematically, from caves and tunnels to camping trips gone wrong to creepy old people.

Additionally, I added a few music playlists that feature ghosts, witches and monsters, plus a few other horror related blog entries in case you are still on the look for yet some more scares.

Horror movie-Lists:

Witches will get you and eat you and that’s how it is

Witches are amazing, they eat kids, live in the coolest houses (made of gingerbread, standing on rooster’s feet? Amazing) and they have the whole “hippie look but make it mysterious”-fashion figured out. Also: they make for some amazing horror movie villains.

Science and the other side = intense horror

Where inquisitive minds meet the lurking horrors of the supernatural, other dimensions and demons, there does no Nobel price wait but just never ending terror.

Don’t play with occult things, honey!

Adults, teenagers and kids love to find mysterious, horrible things that scream ‘don’t use this, it’s cursed’ but hubris and/or childish/drunken curiosity will always win and turn a perfectly normal night of harmless fun into opened doors into the unknown.

Bad things happen at the beach

The beach is terrifying in the first place, no protection from the sun, too many tourists and accidentally stepping into jelly fish – add some monsters and/or supernatural terrors and you get the perfect beach holiday, er, nightmare.

Everyone and everything can kill you in space

Tight spaces, a rag-tag crew and an indescribably horror waiting between the walls – space horror is truly the superior sub-genre. It might be scientific shaky ground that no one can hear you in space, it’s still a terrifying place to get killed.

Haunted Attractions

Remember simple fair haunts, with plastic skeletons and fake fog that stuck to the roof of your mouth? Well, nowadays, people apparently want to be not mildly entertained but scared shitless by random strangers who will even rough them up a little. There’s no way that can go wrong, is it?

Fairies and Trolls (European folklore)

Christian demons and boring ghosts have really overpowered the horror genre when there’s so many interesting creatures and entities in European folklore that will haunt you, kidnap you and kill you. Don’t clap to loud if you believe in fairies, they might actually come to get you.

Dumb tourists are going to die

One of my favourite sub-genres is loud-mouthed tourists going into foreign countries, disrespecting the culture and then getting 100% owned by some malevolent spirit and creature. Let’s see how your Insta-game looks once you’ve knocked over that Jizo statue.

Late Night Shifts will Kill You!

I always thought that a late night shift would be easy peasy, no one around to stress you, everyone’s sleeping and you can just listen to some sweet tunes and stroll around the premises. But beware, there might be murder and mayhem lurking in the dark.

Get to know-Lin-Shaye-Horror-movie-list

The true, only, epic queen of horror is Lin Shaye, who is a sure sign that whatever you’re watching right now is entertaining (not always good but at least entertaining). Because I would write till the end of days to name every single movie she’s played in, I stick to my favourite Lin Shaye-movies, especially, since the “Insidious”-franchise has made her more popular but also hides a lot of her acting skills.

Horror movies: Tunnels and caves are creepy

Who the heck thinks it’s a good idea to spend their spare time climbing, diving and exploring in abandoned caves and tunnels? Apparently, mostly white people with no other hobbies. So let’s see what they will encounter because I am quite sure that it’s nothing good.

Horror movie list: Camping is deadly

Remember camping with the family? Apparently, camping is a thing that is very fun as a kid and then you take that fond memory into adulthood, try it again and realise that it’s the worst. Now add some weird creatures, spoopy witches or other terrors – isn’t that fun?

Creepy doll horror: it’s so hard to find!

Creepy dolls are a staple for horror movie tropes but it’s actually quite difficult to find doll movies that are not super bad and feature the doll as the main antagonist. Apparently, most horror movies prefer the creepy doll to be a chic scary decoration instead of the main deal. The reason why: turns out, filling 90 minutes with a creepy doll is not that easy!

The female body is creepy! Horror movies about deadly women

Weirdly, there’s a lot of movies that deal with female bodies that are somehow cursed, undead, etc. Whether as a feminist statement or because a director just wanted to show a naked lady (honestly, it’s like a standard requirement for 80% of all horror movies – just stop it, ok?).

Under the sea! Underwater horror movies

It’s like space horror but underwater! I love underwater horror, I do believe in underwater monsters, I do, I do. It’s so much fun to see tight spaces, rag-tag crews, weird noises and GIGANTIC creatures wreaking havoc. Give it to me.

Don’t kill my Statson! Horror in the Wild West

As if the racism and genocide of native people wasn’t horrifying enough, there’s a pretty impressive number of good horror movies playing in the Wild West/during settler times. Yes, this list might not be historically accurate, for me it’s the wild west, as soon as anyone is wearing a Statson.

Horror movie list: where are all the mermaids?

I love mermaids, not the fairy tale, child friendly Disney type but the global horror phenomenon of creepy sea people that will usually lure you out and then absolutely rip you to shreds. Unfortunately, the number of actually good mermaid horror movies is sooo low, so this is just a list of any movies that I know and that somewhat can be sorted into this genre.

Horror movie list: Old people are creepy

Editor’s notes: old people are not creepy but apparently, horror movie directors think so because they are just as popular either as an entire story base or as small creepy interludes as kids are. However, in contrast to those ‘scary kid’-horror movies, horror movies that feature old people are surprisingly amazing. Don’t know what to do with that information but there you go.

Halloween Song-lists:

My big post-apocalyptic song list

Songs about monsters

1, 2, 16 Songs about vampires, har har har

Witches vs. Wizards

Songs about g-g-g-ghosts!

My favourite Halloween songs

Lovecraft song-a-thon

Horror specials and misc.:

What to do in a library (when you’re in a horror movie)

Find out why the library should be the first place to go whenever you realise that you’re in a library.

There can only be one: The League of Gentlemen

An ode to one of my favourite comedy troops in the early 00s. I am not quite sure how well the show has aged, at least the blackface from a certain character is something I am not too fond of anymore, and I am kinda scared to rewatch it, in case there’s other issues hidden.

Dead Man’s Bones

The best Halloween-album you could ever listen to is the music project by Zach Shields (who also is a director and producer) and beloved movie darling Ryan Gosling. It’s an absolute gem.

Short story: Black Paint

I tried a horror story myself, if I remember correctly, it’s not very scary.

Comictown: Deadbeats

As a big fan of the HP Lovecraft Podcast (be assured, it discusses Lovecraft’s rampant racism), I had to get the graphic novel by the hosts Chad Fyfer and Chris Lackey (art by I.N.J. Culbard). It is Lovecraftian and plays in New Orleans in the 20s, so lot’s of jazz stuff.

Lazy Sunday: Chthulhu Squarepants

A silly comic.

Creepy Lets Plays:

Lets Play: The Last of Us

Naughty Dog’s infamous linear survival horror that takes you on a journey through a world where a fungi parasite turns people into horrible blood-craving monsters and where the only cure lies within a girl that is immune. Lots of emotions, lots of spooks and some amazing creature design.

Lets Play: The Last of Us Part 2 

The much discussed sequel that follows our protagonist through the harsh world of infected, dangerous militia groups and scary cults.

Maid of Sker

A short horror game where you play as a hapless composer who tries to rescue his lovely lady from a hotel that hides a horrible secret.