Lets Plays: All of Hula Noob’s Lets Plays

Well, hi there. I recently started my own Lets Play-channel under the username ‘Hula Noob’ (the name is the game) because why not hop on an old rusty bandwagon that is completely abandoned because everyone is on Twitch streaming nowadays? I love doing a lot of work for three people to notice, it’s the whole thing of this blog!

Anyways, I usually upload at least twice a week, around the weekends mostly and concentrate on games that have more of a narrative. Currently, it’s mainly a The Last of Us-fan account, to be honest, but I am working on adding some shorter and other games.

You can follow my channel here.

Links to my playlists are here:

The Medium 

Not gonna lie – they had me in the first part. This adventure horror game looks beautiful and has a very intriguing story: as a medium, you can sometimes see both this and the netherworld and interact with both worlds to unlock secrets. This game had a gorgeous atmosphere, a fantastic enemy and world design but lost me a little both with the plot and the tension. However, I had a blast playing this because it sure kept me entertained. 

Twin Mirror

An incredibly charming and cheesy adventure with some mystery events by Dontnod Entertainment (Life is Strange, Tell me Why). The rather relaxed gameplay is a nice change and even though the protagonist is not my favourite, I had a blast. 

Telling Lies

An incredibly interesting desktop thriller that gives you numerous webcam recordings of different people to unravel their mysteries. The game itself is timed, so you have to decide which leads to follow and whose secrets to unfold. 

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

A new chapter of the Dark Pictures anthology, dealing with Salem, witch trials, ghosties and apparently reincarnation? Due to the “choose your own adventure”-style, this game has plenty of replay-value since you can get basically every character killed in numerous ways and decide yourself whether to play nice or be a big asshole for everyone’s entertainment. Also: jumpscares ahoi!


This is a mystery game by Red Thread Games telling the story of a journalist who travels to a solitary Norwegian village to find his sister who apparently has been missing for a while. Together with his perky and oftentimes annoying assistant, he uncovers a mysterious disappearance of all the villagers and might even learn something about himself.

The Suicide of Rachel Foster

This is a mystery game by One O One Games which tells the story of a young orphaned woman who visits the old hotel she inherited to uncover her family secrets which involve suicide, abuse and a lot of heartache.

This game nearly broke me because when I played, it was pretty much bug-apalooza. I also am not too fond of the story but have to admit that the atmosphere and especially the sound design is pretty solid.

Kuukiyomi – Consider it

This is a super weird little game by G-Mode, originally made for Nintendo. You have 100 very short situations and have to be as considerate as possible. However, it’s not always too clear what that really means.


This FMV mystery thriller is really fun to play but has the story and character motivations of a very bad made-for-TV-thriller. This also means that I had a blast making fun of basically everything and everyone in it, so if you enjoy that kinda stuff, you might be in for a treat.

Amnesia Rebirth

The new game by Frictional Games (of Amnesia Dark Descent and Soma) is all about spoopy deserts, caves, fortresses and netherworlds. You wake up as Tasi, a young woman who has been in a plane crash on her way to an expedition with her crew mates. But her crew is gone and Tasi can’t remember anything. Sure enough, finding out the truth will involve lots of dark environments, not enough matches and a whole lotta creepy monsters.

And you can take a look at the individual lets plays that were features on this blog here (this is an ongoing list):


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