Denmark Wins! – Alcoholic Faith Mission

Because I am utterly in love with the Beach House album, the word “airy” gets my attention anywhere and everywhere and when I read it as a description of Alcoholic Faith Mission and their album “Let this be the last night we care” I just had to take a peak.
Ok, it’s no Beach House, but then again, Beach House are basically floating above every other music right now because their songs are like clouds and maybe I don’t even want any other band to sound like them because I have them and “Teen Dream” and that should suffice.

Alcoholic Faith Mission are rather along the Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene lines which is pretty great.
Whenever I hear bands that have this climactic build-up of instrumentals and vocals in their songs, I just feel so comfortable and homely, like you’re being embraced by this music even if it is melancholic, angry or sad.
It’s an absolutely beautiful album, another reason to crane our necks towards Denmark. I can’t believe how many great Danish artists crossed my paths lately, I suspect a trend here (watch out Sweden!).

I like that they bring this certain odd Scandinavian feel to their music which eventually distinguishes them from the aforementioned bands. Whether it’s the vocals that are this little bit warped or the haunting atmosphere, Alcoholic Faith Mission definitely will be strong contenders in the Best of 2010 roundabout.

Honeydrip & Closer to Dallas

PS: This video has been taken by the people from Bedroomdisco which is a German Lifestyle&Music blog. Of course, it’s not as good as mine (cough, cough) but they have bands playing for them…which I haven’t…(some day, Juliane, someday you’ll have bands playing for you and your blog and your wonderful readers, just believe it and it will come true and now be a brave girl and don’t cry…)

Oh, and here is a Beach House video because I kept rambling on about them

Norway (because of this and 10 miles high I bought the album)

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